Aj's Riverside Extravaganza

"The best resort around"

How's the climate at AJ's Extravaganza?

The temperature at our riverside resort ranges from 40 to 70 degrees, and receives 360 to 720 inches of precipitation each year.

Where is AJ's Extravaganza?

AJ's extravaganza is located in the Mississippi River ecosystem outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. River ecosystems are commonly found in temperate biomes.

How we live at AJ's Extravaganza

Since the environment surrounding our resort is dominated by nature we have had to adapt to our surroundings. For example, we have to use river boats for transportation, we must hunt the surrounding forest and fish in the river for food due to the the resorts remote location.

How does the wildlife live around AJ's Extravaganza?

The wildlife around our resort have to adapt to the Mississippi also. Beavers have to build dams, the alligators along the river dig deeper into the river bed to keep cool in the summertime. Many of the fish migrate down stream once a year. Most of the insects that live by the river have adapted to have flat feet so they can "skate" across the river. Many forms of plant life have adapted root systems in order to grow in portions of the river that are salty.

Food Web of our River

This food web depicts how the herbivorous animals like the tadpoles and aquatic insects feed off of the algae in the river. Those animals then provide nutrients to frogs, otters, and various forms of fish. The heron is on the top of the food chain in this river ecosystem because nothing eats them and they consume both frogs and fish.