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Starting school

We are excited to start a new adventure with everyone! We know this year will involve a lot of patience, perseverance, and grit- but it will also be a lot of fun learning a new instrument and making music!

If you are like many parents and just want the most important part of this newsletter- here you go! We are doing an instrument try-out at Staley on Monday (8/3) and Tuesday (8/4) and you can sign up for a 20 min. spot at THIS LINK. All the details and safety information is below.

Below is information about the start of the school year. Thank you for your patience as we are still receiving updates and information on a regular basis. Feel free to reach out to us, but know that many times we also may not know the answer. We will do the best we can to answer any questions you have and hopefully this newsletter will start to make things a little more concrete as we start the year. If you need us to remove or add an email address to our list please let Mrs. Humphreys know. Our contact information is below and we look forward to making music with everyone real soon!

Thank you,

Mr. Wood, Mrs. Humphreys, Mr. Seymour, and Mr. Martinez

New Member Info Spring 2020

Instrument Try-Out Procedures

Click the individual slides below for information or CLICK HERE to view the full slide show. If you would prefer to have a virtual screening over zoom please email Mr. Wood at woodc@friscoisd.org. Please reach out to schedule a virtual meeting no later than Wednesday 8/5.
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Before your time students should check out this video!

Instrument Demonstration for Beginning Band

Director Contact Information

Mr. Chad Wood- Director of Bands: woodc@friscoisd.org

  • Beginning Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, & Tuba
  • Symphonic Band (Band A on 8th grade schedules)
  • Brass Band (Band C on 7th grade schedules)
  • Any general questions about band, the BPA, or financial aid

Mrs. Samantha Humphreys- Assistant Director: hoffmans@friscoisd.org

Note this email address will be changing soon as 'Ms. Hoffman' was married this summer!

  • Beginning Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, & Saxophone
  • Woodwind Band (Band B on 7th grade schedules)
  • Any questions about private lessons or weekly newsletter items

Mr. Stephen Seymour- Percussion Director: seymours@friscoisd.org

  • Beginning Percussion
  • Symphonic Percussion (Band A on 8th grade schedules)
  • Percussion Ensemble (Band B on 7th grade schedules)
  • Note that Mr. Martinez, our Assistant Percussion Director, will also help with many percussion duties. They will work out the schedule as the year progresses. Until this is set please contact Mr. Seymour with any percussion related questions.