Junior Checklist

Spring Semester

What should I be doing?!

Everyone is telling you Junior Year is the most important year of high school. Why?! Because it's the beginning of the end. You're about to decide if and where you might be going to college. You're thinking of what career you'll start pursuing after graduation. Here's a list of things to start doing NOW to help get you to where you want to go.....

What should I be doing here at school?

Here's where to start:

1. Keep up with your classes.

Don't give yourself time to get behind. If you have questions, ask your teachers NOW!

2. Check your credit count. You need 28 credits to graduate, and don't forget that 3-credit Elective Focus.

Talk to Mrs. Scoble if you're unsure if you're on track.

3. Take the ACT!

Click on the "ACT Information" button below for more info!

ACT Tutoring


Should I Go to College?

Here's where to start:

1. Have the dreaded money talk with your parents/ guardians.

Get real about what is realistic in the budget.

2. Do a college search to determine some places that might interest you.

(See links below)

  • The College Board -- Click on "College Search" tab to start looking!
  • Peterson's
  • College for TN

3. Start visiting campuses.

Spring Break is a great time for tours!


Don't freak out too much. Early deadlines typically aren't until November 2014, but if you want to get an early start, this semester and summer is the time!

  • Graduating Early??
Start applying now! You can go ahead and get on waiting lists so you can be sure to enroll in January 2015.

6. Scholarships.

Totally lost? It's ok. It's a little early for scholarships at this point. Because your parents'/guardians' tax information is needed for scholarships, you don't need to start until January of your senior year. You can go ahead and start researching scholarships that you know you want to apply to so you can be ahead of the game.

Check out the Scholarship Spreadsheet put together by Ms. Nelson and Ms. Hooper.

You can also search for scholarships on School Soup.

Scholarship Spreadsheet

You may also access this through the Carter HS website, then click on the "College and Career" tab, and open the "Scholarships 2013-14" file.

School Soup

Scholarship searching database.

How About a Technical School or Community College?

Here's where to start:

Why consider a two-year school?

1. TN Achieves Scholarship PAYS FOR it! (You can apply for this September of Senior Year)

2. After two years, you'll be ready for and trained for a job!

3. You can improve your GPA and apply to transfer to a 4-year university.

4. It cost way less money.

5. It's great if you have a specific job in mind and need the related training.

Do I want to go right into the workforce?

Here's where to start:

1. Get that High School diploma!

See Mrs. Scoble if you're not sure if you're on track with credits.

2. Write a resume.

Have at least two people proofread it.

3. Make a list of places you're interested in working.

  • What companies do you love and would be proud to represent?
  • Where would you like to get a discount?
  • What fits your personality and personal values?

4. Start volunteering at a place related to the job you think you want so you can start getting experience.

5. Consider working there this year or summer as a part-time employee before going full-time after graduation.

Take this 5-year-old's advice and........do something special!!

5 year old needs a job before getting married - funny!

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