By: Kersten Dewey

The Problem

The world is facing many environmental threats, such as: Atmosphere, Land, Water, Biodiversity, Global Responses, Environmental Sustainability. Global population grows and the demand for energy increases. Pollution and misuse of natural resources are causing great damage to the environment. Food supplies are increasingly threatened. The environment pollution and protection is threating children's rights.

3 Locations

1. Agbobloshie, Ghana:

Agbobloshie is the #1 place in the earth for the most pollution. Pollution is one of the main problems of the environment.

2. Chernobyl*, Ukraine:

In Chernoby radioactive dust is released and is causing many problems. It is even causing leukemia!

3. Citarum River, Indonesia:

The Citarum River is "the most polluted river in the world" That river's water is used as water supply for many things, so the polluted water is effecting many things in the environment and people.

Personal Narritive

I feel the environment is in threat and people (mostly children) are getting affected in many ways: Education, Health, and Hunger. I think something need to happen for all of these threats to go away.
Environmental Issues

How to take Action

One thing we can do is pick up garbage. Picking up garbage will help the pollution of the environment. Also using reusable appliances will help because then we will have less trash. Another thing we can do is use less electricity, and try not to drive a car as much. I know that is going to be hard but if it is a nice day out, ride a bike; or car pool with someone because then instead of 2 or 3 cars polluting, only one will be. The last thing you can do is brain storm and think of ideas to come up will things that won't pollute the earth.