Tast-yee Hotdog Stand

Run by Mason Lutzow, Bryce Thompson, And Ethan Vose

We've got the Best weenies in Rochester!

Six Business Activities:

  1. Generating Ideas: We develop our weenies with these ingredients: Pork Bacon, and our secret special sauce all mixed together to make the most mouth watering combination creating the most delectable weenie you will ever have. We have researched the market and we are are the sole leader in the selling and producting of weenies in the Rochester area
  2. Raising Capital: We sold all of our belongings in a garage sale. We even sold the garage..... We then took a large loan of $20 from our Parents
  3. Employee and Training: To recruit people for this job, we go door to door giving out help wanted flyers at peoples doorsteps. Every Tuesday at 7:33 pm, we meet behind Cocoa blues at 7:33 pm and train them in the arts of the Weenie. Each of the recruits have 1 hour to make the best weenie with mason Lutzow as the judge. Mason chooses whos weenie made his mouth water for more. That person is the new employee and gets to run the stands and makes the dog.
  4. Buying Goods and Services: We constructed a Hot Dog stand from a shopping cart borrowed from a Local Walmart Parking lot. A hot dog rotisserie machine purchased from K-mart is then placed in the shopping cart(Walmart does not let us purchase from their stores any longer).. And umbrella placed on top is also purchased from K-mart. Our weenies are purchased from Shop,n,Save, but we add our own ingredients once the weenies are in our possession. All of our cooking utensils are given to us by our parents.
  5. Marketing Goods and Services: We will Market our Business by Passing out flyers door to door talking about our stands location, what we sell, etc... We also plan to make a T.V Advertisement that is on the way soon
  6. Maintaining Business Records: How we will keep track of this information is by having our hot dogs the receipt will have their name on it and we will keep track of the names in our computer files of names, as the more you visit the closer you are to earning a free hot dog. So we will hold all customer names in our files and name recognition will activate when they stop by again and again and again and again and again and again.

Business Entity


We have decided to make our business a Partnership since we are starting out small and going all in on the Taste-Yee Hot Dog Stand. The advantage to having a Partnership is that we can get money from a multitude of people if needed. We can have multiple workers that can work for us. The disadvantage is that lots of money have to be put into this business. we could lose everything if we slip up in the slightest bit. Our money and the belongings we no longer have could be taken from us. We might not always agree on things and someone may not hold up their part. Trust is vital.

Business Goals

1. Produce 2 more Tast-yee Hotdog stands by the end of 2015

2. By the end of the year, make a 15,000 dollar profit.

3. an average of 25 customers a day by the end of 2015

4.Produce more Weenies for more costumers.

5. Have a T.V advertisement

Mission Statement


Our mission statement is first with our ethics, we don’t really care how we get it but we need money. Every sale counts. From how we formed we are very committed to this business as we sold everything we own and quit our jobs to start this business, we are starting small but have rapidly grown. Based on our growth we plan on growing to be a very top style business. Thank you for your time now stop by at Tast-Yee Hot Dog stand!

Organizational Chart