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Joan of Arc - William the Conqueror - King John

"The Maid of New Orleans"

-Joan was born in 1412 in Domremy, France. Her given name was actually Jeanne d'Arc. She was born into the French peasant class but died a saint.

-At the age of twelve she started to hear voices from St. Michael, St. Catherine, and St. Margaret. She knew things others did not and she had the power to see things others could only imagine. She did her country great honor by leading the French Army into victory over the British during the Hundred Years' war. Sadly, at the age of nineteen, Joan was captured and burned at the stake by the English and their French collaborators as heretic. Her last words were "Jesus, Jesus."

-Five-hundred years after her death in 1431, she was canonized as a Roman Catholic Saint on May 16, 1920.

Joan of Arc routing the english army

William the Conqueror

-William may be largely responsible for eventually making England the most powerful nation in the world. Not only was he known for that, but at the age of eight he became the Duke of Normandy. And soon after the battle of Hastings ,in 1066, he was crowned king.William was the first Norman to be crowned King of England. He never spoke English and was illiterate, but he did influence the evolution of the English language better than anyone before him and even since!

-His nationality was Norman. He was often called William the Bastard because he was the bastard son of Robert I the Duke of Normandy. Although he was labeled it didn't stop him from making accomplishments. The biggest one he is known for is leading the Norman invasion of England. He sadly died in 1087 from a riding accident, but he forever changed the history of Europe.

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King John

-King John was the King of England from 1199 until his death in 1216. His common nickname was John Lackland because he had nothing when his brothers each had some great dukedom. He was born in 1166 to King Henry II and Eleanor the Aquitaine. He is most famous for signing the Magna Carta. This is a charter of liberty and political rights obtained from John by his rebellious barons at Runnymede in 1215.

-Between 1190-1194 John attempted to overthrow William Longchamp, the Bishop of Ely, and take the throne of England. The legend of Robin Hood started during this period as well.

-In the year 1216 Louis invades England and proclaimed as the King of England even though he wasn't officially crowned. John then escapes to Winchester but gets captured by Louis and dies at Newark. He was buried in Worcester Cathedral.

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