L.T.Memo 2014

BETT Feedback

Last week the full BSN ICT Team travelled to BETT, Excel London to explore Curriculum 2014 plus the 'Computing' requirements and resourcing. The Team is currently drafting the next 3-5 year development plan for the resourcing and hardware of BSN 'Future Classrooms'.

During BETT we [LTMs] went to a wealth of seminars. ESLTs have received the overview of our visit and we will share notes/slides/links from some of sessions with you via the Gateway over the next week.

While the presentations focus on technology, they also include a range of useful links to curriculum guidance and CPD which is relevant to us all, so worth investigating.

The key topics this year were: Curriculum 2014, coding, app development, Computing curriculum, digital safety, collaborative learning.

Subscription News

BETT had some of our favourite resource suppliers on site, and we are now working on purchasing, where possible, shared subscriptions across 3 schools.

After some hard negotiating, we secured discount on the our PurpleMash renewal.

The company has moved quickly and having launched the EYFS 2Build a Profile, now also has a Primary Profile, which enables you to gather photographs of work, store these centrally and then tag curriculum objectives to them.

I will be talking to you more about this, once our subscription activates and would like to begin collating some evidence of ICT in action over the summer term.

F1 will be the first year group to trial using the Early Years Profile [EYFS] over the Spring term :-).

2Simple also won the BETT 2014 Award for ICT Leadership and Management Solutions for their 2Build a Profile - Congrats to them!

You can read more about it via the link below. Check out the 2Simple blog to find out more about 2Code, Serial Mash [online reading] and new 2DIY [Control sequences and 3D design].

Let's Create a Better Internet Together

I will be sending out a seperate bulletin with info, activities and links for Safer Internet Day [SID 2014] - you can have a look at the main site via this link.

I'd like to get us all involved and for each year group to select an/some activites to explore with your class during the week of Feb10-15th.

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Jan 27 - 7 Feb LTM Fortnight Ahead +

Monday 27th

After school: demo Hall & Media Centre tech to KS1


9-10 a.m. Parent iPad Workshop - Helen Sharman Suite

Wednesday > LTM Day

IS & LTM Meeting @ SSV

Digital Leader meeting 12:50 Media Centre - Teachers please remind your students.

Thursday -


12:00 Whole of Y1 Flobot Launch - Creative Room

Lunchtime : iBook Club

Monday 3rd

After school: demo Hall & Media Centre tech to Foundation Stage


9-10 a.m. Parent iPad Workshop - Helen Sharman Suite



Thursday -


Lunchtime: iBook Club

Monday 10th:

KS1&2 Assembly : Introduce Safer Internet Day 2014

Tuesday 11th:

Safer Internet Day 2014