Civil War

Robert E. Lee

About Him

Born on January 19,1807 in Stafford Hall, Virginia.

Died on October 12, 1870 in Lexington City.

Born to Revolutionary War hero, Henry Lee, his 4th child. It seemed like he was destined for military greatness.

He graduated second of his class of 1829. He's smart and makes good choices. His good choices would have impacted us today.

To some men, he was like almost a god like figure.

Robert E. Lee's Jobs

Served 17 years as an officer in the Corps of Engineers. Soon was off fighting war.

1852 to 1855, Lee served as superintendent of West Point.

In 1855, he left the academy to take a position in the cavalry.

Abraham Lincoln offered Lee the command of the Federal Forces in April 1861.

He ended up marrying a descendant of George Washington.

He served as an military adviser to president Jefferson Davis until June 1862.

During War

In September 1862, he launched an invasion into Maryland with hope of shifting the wars focus away from Virginia.

He fought for the wrong side and ending up fighting against his people.

In late June, he began another invasion in the North.

He returned home on parole and eventually became the president of the Washington college in Virginia. Remand president until dead.