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Student Corner

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May 2 School Election and Levy Information

The Manhattan School District will hold its Annual School Election on May 2, 2023, that will include a Trustee election and requests for technology and general fund operating levies in both the elementary and high school districts. There are two Trustee seats open this year. We have one seat in the Manhattan School District #3 and one in the Manhattan High School District #3. Incumbents Mike Swan and Ethan Severson and newcomer Melinda Yager have filed for the open seats. Mike Swan is vying for the Manhattan School District #3 seat and Ethan Severson and Melinda Yager are both vying for the lone Manhattan High School District #3 seat. The outcome of the levy elections will have a significant impact on staffing and programming in 2023-2024. WITH levies, the elementary school district, grades K-8, will experience a reduction in force of at least four teachers. The high school district will not experience a reduction in force. WITHOUT levies, the elementary district could lose as many as six teaching positions. The high school district will lose three teaching positions. With and without levies, there will be cuts to reductions to academic and extracurricular programs in the elementary district. The extent of those reductions will depend upon levies passing. The high school district will not need to reduce academic or extracurricular programs with levies passing. Without levies, some academic programs will be reduced, and some athletic programs will be cut, varsity and sub-varsity. The district is considering cutting non-conference games and limiting travel. For more specific information regarding cost reductions, please take a moment to read the document found by clicking the button below.
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Manhattan Public Schools are going to a four-day school week next year. The first day of school for students is August 28, 2023, and the last day is June 4, 2024. The school week will consist of classes Monday through Thursday. On weeks when there is a holiday falling on Monday, the school week will be Tuesday through Friday. There will be one exception, and that is President’s Day week. School leadership teams are currently developing the daily schedule. The tentative schedule is 8:05am to 3:43pm, but those times are subject to change. We will work within the timeframe of 8:00am to 4:00pm to finalize a schedule that will be shared with parents later this spring. Manhattan Public Schools are unable to fund programs on Fridays. We are trying to support our families when the students aren’t in school. The District is currently working with community partners like Fay Ranches Community Foundation and Gallatin County YMCA to explore options for our younger students. However, these options will be independent of the District. We are financially unable to help with Fridays. Teachers are contracted to work one Friday a month. The District is developing a professional development plan for those PIR days.

Upcoming Spring Athletics

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Upcoming Spring Events