Eggs for days

An egg a day will keep the doctors away!


Emulsifiers are the substances that will get hot liquids that usually will not mix to become compatible.


Foam is used to add air to foods to make them puff up more! Foam is made up of egg whites. An example of using foam is bread!

Coloring agents are used to give color to foods, you can add them into a mixture to give color. A popular example is a cake which are almost always used with Coloring agents.

Interfering agents are what help icecreams stay creamy! An example would be to add it into a Sherbet while in the thickening and freezing process to make the perfect texture!

Nutrient additive

Nutrient additives are when you can add an egg into a filler food to make it more nutritious.

Flavoring additives

Egg flavoring additives are added into custards and puddings to improve texture and flavor of the dish.
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