Megan Almanza

My personality

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It takes brains to be quick and amusing. i have a relaxing attutude. i love my family. also, can be a social animal. Other famous baboons are: Robin Williams, and Jim Carrey

my color is blue

I am blue, i like to work together, and Encourage others. i tent to be emotional, willing, sentamental, loving, listening, and sympathetic. When communicating, i often ask how other will be affected and whether they are being included.


Investigator, Journalist, Arist, Entertainer, and Comedian.

my influence

 I always knew I was a hard worker, but after the personality test I realize than there is a lot more to my personality. Like how straight forward i am, and a little controling. yet, i can be shy and stand offish. i am a generious person, who is always put others first. i love kids. i am a sunday school teacher so i love teaching others. im a goup in your class, i am eger to learn and teach. so once i get the info on what to do i can help the pthers in my group and divid rosponsibility.
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