Ghost Soldiers

By Hampton Sides


This book is about a team of Rangers in the Philippines that are planning to save 513 POW's at a Japanese prison camp. While the 121 Rangers are marching to the camp they get about 280 Filipino guerrillas to help them on the raid. The group comes across many challenges, and overcomes all of them to save the POW's and gets them back to safety.

What is the authors purpose of writing this book?

The author wrote this book to inform the reader of what happened to the POW's at the Japanese prison camp Cabanatuan. He also wrote this book to honor all the people who were involved in the raid to save the prisoners, and the prisoners themselves for surviving the prison camp.

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Mucci

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Lieutenant Colonel Henry Mucci was the commanding officer of the 6th Ranger Battalion.

Captain Robert Prince

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Captain Robert Prince was the assault commander of the Ranger raid on Cabanatuan.

Rangers and farmers leading prisoners out of Cabanatuan

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To transport the prisoners out of the camp they used buffalo carts to carry the prisoners out. The farmers came with their buffalo's so they wouldn't get mixed up.

Explain Three Concepts

When there is people in need you have to do whatever you can to get them back safely.

Using night as cover to move around helps to not get discovered.

If you treat the native people with respect they will be happy to help and discuss things they normally wouldn't.

One Section that Made an Impression

The Rangers had set up camp at a Filipino village called Platero. The villagers there were nice to the Rangers and gave them food to eat as they entered the village. Also the villagers started singing "God Bless America." Once the Rangers were settled in the village they had a Filipino fiesta. Later the villagers let some of the Rangers sleep in their houses.

What would you rate this book?

I would rate this book a five, i think it is a great book. It has history, action, and it gets you to know the captives and the rescuers and what they did to survive. I think people who would enjoy this book the most would people people who are into action and WWII stories.

Two passages from this book to share

"But the guerrillas..."(77, Ghost Soldiers) this passage shows how committed the Filipino guerrillas are to their cause and to their allies.

"Sir with all due respect..."(127, Ghost Soldiers) This shows that the guerrillas were a big help in when and how the raid started.

Something that surprised me in this book

Something that surprised me in this book is how the POW's were treated. They were not given healthy living quarters or food. When the Japanese had to transport the prisoners they squeezed them into trucks and dozens of them would die right next the others.