Have you ever been a witness of bullying?

Bullying Today

Did you know that about one out of ten kids in middle school drop out or change schools because they were being bullied. Bullying is becoming a bigger problem more and more every year. We need to put a stop to bullying as soon as we possibly can. We all need to work together to put a stop to it.


How to Prevent Bullying

About 28% of students from the grades 6th to 12th grade are reported to be bullied. To help prevent bullying everyone needs to help out. First you need to identify if he/she is getting bullied. A child who is being bullied will show signs of loneliness, depression, or even anxiety. Students may also feel uncomfortable at school and feel the need to drop out or go to a different school. Low self esteem is another factor of children being bullied. If you are a parent and notice any of these symptoms then you need to talk to your child and figure out how you can stop it from continuing.