Novio boy


Rudy asks this pretty 11th grader Patricia out on a date and she says yes. The only problem is that he doesn't know what to say or how to act and how he is gonna get money to pay the check. So he asked his best friend Alex ,mom, and uncle Juan for advice. So while Rudy is on his date Alex, mom, and Estela decide to show up. But at the end his date went fine and Patricia gave him a kiss on the cheek


Be yourself and don't be shy

Evidence- Its important to be a gentleman. Show some pride

Internal conflict- man vs man

because he needed money

Evidence- can I borrow 15 bucks


Primping- to dress or arrange in a careful or fussy manner

Daring- ready to take risks

crumped- make a loud thudding sound

Favorite quote- attitude I don't have a attitude