All The Systems That we Have Studied

Integumentary System

The functions of the integumentary system is that it protects your insides, it also mantains your body tempeture,and it also helps remove substances like oil, salt and urea.

Nervous System


-Sensory - monitors what's happening inside and outside of your body through receptors

-Integration - interprets information or messages it receives

-Motor - it recieves and responds

There are two parts of the nervous system...

-Central Nervous System - the leader, like the brain or spinal cord, it tells the body what to do, responsible for receiving and responding, both voluntary and involuntary.

-Peripheral Nervous System - The outside of the brain and spinal cord.

Somatic - responsible for receiving information and processing it.

Autonomic - tells body to react to it.


Support - shapes your body and muscles, like it gives you your form.

Protect - the bones helps protect your vital organs like the heart, brain ext.

Movement - Muscles are attached to our bones so that we can move, and do athletic things.

Storage - the bones store minerals like calcium and phosphorus for use by the body.

Hemopoiesis - Hemopoiesis is tiny little red and white blood cells that are formed by tissue called marrow, it is in the center of the bone.