PTSD: mental illness with no cure.


About me

My name is Remmington and this flyer was created as part of a school project to inform people about Post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans. Scan this QR code to access my online flyer and links.


It is when a person has endured a horrible trauma in their life, when this happens the nervous system gets “shocked.” After this has happened that memory is stuck into that person’s head. So when something reminds that person of that horrible memory they have symptoms. These symptoms are horrible, terrifying to anyone who has them (“PTSD in Military Veterans”).


Recurrent- it when the person who has PTSD is recalling their horrible memory. These people will usually have nightmare and won't be able to sleep at all. Also known as Insomnia

Extreme avoidance- it is when things remind the person of their traumatic memory. These people would want to be mostly alone. They will most likely have depression. Which means they are sad and losing interest for anything.

Negative Changes- is when the person will constantly be thinking negative thoughts. These people will feel guilt and will regret things they did didn't do. These people usually will be suicidal.

Being on guard all the time – These people have hyper vigilant. This means that they

Helping Hands

The Veterans Health Administrations (VTA) can and will help you and others

  1. Get moving- when you move around. Stretch out the muscle to help relax your nervous system.

  2. Connect with others- connecting with others will help you not feel so alone.

  3. Calm the nervous- stretch out get moving by exercising.

  4. Take care of the bod, eat right give the body the vitamins and minerals it needs.

  5. Flash backs- when flash backs happens the usually happen during dreams that Turn into nightmares, intrusive thoughts. The way to get rid of these is by a 6 step process.

  • Move around get your muscles not so tension than before.

  • Sight blind rapidly and look around. Realize that you are in a safe place.

  • Smell get one of your favorite smell that brings you peace and makes you feel save.

  • Touch something cold it shocks the nervous system and then forgets the memory you just had.

  • Sound listen to loud music to kill the thoughts or memory

  • Taste eat something minty or sour. You'll be focused on the items in in the mouth and not the memory.

6. Work through the guilt you are feeling. Just know you did nothing wrong.

7. Get some professional help even if everything is working there is nothing wrong with professional help (“PTSD in Military Veterans”).

This is a link that will help you or others if you have PTSD Http://