Bio-Diesel Energy

Haven McArthur and Joshua Bingman

Description Of Energy

Bio-diesel is the substitute for diesel. Bio-diesel is more expensive than fossil fuels.

Bio-Diesel is formed from

  • Vegetables

  • Oils

  • Fats

  • Greases

Renewable Or Non-renewable

Bio-diesel is a renewable energy.

Brief History

Bio-Diesel was developed in the 1890's by inventor Rudolph Diesel. The diesel engine has become the choice for many people for the power, reliability, and high fuel economy. Rudolph's idea was for to make his engine more attractive to farmers to have a readily available source of fuel. The first diesel engine ran on peanut oil.

Enviromental Impacts

  • It reduces greenhouse gases.
  • It produces fewer air pollutants than diesel.
  • No sulfur is used to create it.
  • It burns cleaner than diesel.

Major Uses of Bio-Diesel

  • Heat

  • Transportation Fuels

  • Power Generation

3 reasons people should use Bio-Diesel

  • Bio-Diesel is economical.
  • Bio-Diesel is reproducible.
  • Bio-Diesel is better for your engines health.