Solving the Problem of Stress

By: Sarah Courtney

Watch for School Related Stress

Children under pressure can show signs of purposeful cutting, depression, despair or hopelessness. Younger kids can have headaches, stomachaches, or not wanting to go to school

Teach Time Management

Today's schools tend to give lots of homework. Having a plan of prioritizing is very important. Students should do something every night instead of waiting till the last minute.

Use a planner to keep track of assignments

When kids are working the atmosphere should be free of distractions.

Kids have a longer attention span earlier in the day

Ask about tutoring

Decide if you are over scheduled

Too many kids have a plan of think what is next. If they have only a couple extra activities during the week they can focus more on sleep and family time. Over scheduling is a large cause of school stress.

Encourage Sleep and Exercise

Sleep deprivation is very common and dangerous. About 40% of kids receive only 6 hours of sleep at night. That is not enough for the body at that age. Exercise is important for coping with stress. Mealtimes helps the child connect with family and not worry.

Watch Parental Pressure

Some parents do not even realize that they are pressuring their kid too much. A parent has a huge influence on a child. Ask questions about the day before telling them to do things. Slow down, let them enjoy life.

Keep the fun in Childhood

You only get to be a kid once and if you focus too much on school, you don't have time to do stuff you can only do at that age. If you plan correctly you can have enough time for school and for fun:)