Practical Perch

Perch Dissection Pre-AP Biology April, 2, 2014


Perches are a yellow golden fish found commonly in North America. At full length they are 12 inches and about 4 pounds. There are about 165 different perch species. Perch fish are considered freshwater.

Lab Objectives

Students will work in group to dissect a perch. They will observe the internal and external structures of a perch.
Perch Dissection

Perch Circulatory System

The perch circulatory system in a closed system. In a closed circulatory system all the blood stays in the blood vessels. The heart forces the blood through vessels. Materials get to body tissue by diffusing through a all of a blood vessel.

Circulatory System Parts

Heart- Pumps blood to all parts of the body

Blood vessel- all they vessels that pump blood throughout the body

Arteries-a type of blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart

Capillaries- The smallest blood vessels helps bring nutrients and oxygen to the tissue

Veins- a type of blood vessel that returns blood to the heart