Data Walls

Building Capacity: Data Walls and Case Management

Professor Lyn Sharratt from the University of Toronto co author with Professor Michael Fullan of 'Putting FACES on the Data: What Great Leaders Do!' talks about the value of data walls for making student learning more visible for whole school ownership by 'putting faces on the data'. April 2014.

Lyn Sharratt - Building Capacity: Data Walls and Case Management

Power of Data Walls

Power of Data Walls

Elementary Students Self Assess Learning and Data

I especially like the “Differentiated Benchmark Tracking” at approx. 5:32 into this video.
Elementary Students Self-Assess Learning and Data

Article: Making Student Data Part of the Conversation

Humboldt Elementary, a school once on the verge of being labeled under-performing, turned to data to move the bar on student success. (click here)