A Christmas carol

By Charles dickens

I think that you should really go and see the play cause the play really brings you in also the people in the play are really funny and the seens that you see look like the olden days.

First, This is why the play brings you in if you read the book it would help to see the play if you don't get it and the play just brings you and also the people in the play are very interesting also there are really cool.

Secondly, Here are some more things why the play is funny the kids in the play are pretty funny like the kids on the road when ever they see Scrooge thy run off the stage and they start screaming there heads off.

In addition,This is why the play looks like it is in the olden days the way srooges house looks is like all beat up and the inside like when the house is turned around and is facing us when we were in the stands they had little lights and the ink pen that you had to re dip every few words.

Finally, I recommend going to the play so that you can have experience that I have had a Christmas carol.