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Volume 6

The Ala Carte Menu!

It's been far too long since I've created a newsletter with tools and ideas to try! Although I haven't published anything I have an email account full of sites to share that are incredibly random! Look through and give some a try....

Interactives by Annenburg Learner

Explore interactives on topics such as geometry, elements of a story, US history maps and plenty of science topics

Send Your Future Self an Email! allows you to draft a yourself in the future. Perhaps you want to encourage yourself to pursue a goal or to continue to keep up the good work! This site is a fun one.

Sideways Dictionary

Each day our technology lingo expands and at times it's hard to not only keep up with these terms but to explain them in ways that makes sense. Sideways Dictionary takes technology terms and applies them to everyday analogies to help you understand them. Have a look!

Wordless News

Each day one news story is illustrated and displayed on Wordless News along with a link to the story and keywords. What a great way to get your students involved in current events and critical thinking!

What's Going on in this Picture?

A project of the New York Times' Learning Network "What's Going on in this Picture" gives students a chance to explore visual literacy by analyzing and commenting on images. Days later the actual caption and meaning behind the image is explained. This is another great critical thinking activity!

Google Tools for Special Needs

A great list compiled by Eric Curts of Google Tools for Special Needs students.

Science Classroom Tools and Resources

A slideshow filled with science related resources.

Skype a Scientist!

Talk to a scientist via Skype! Find out more here (FYI this is a Tumblr site so it is blocked if you are on CPS' network). If you are interested, fill out the form here.

Social Studies Classroom Tools and Resources

A slideshow filled with social studies related resources.
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Global Read Aloud Texts for 2017 Have Been Announced!

I am super excited to see that the selections for 2017's Global Read Aloud have been announced! Last year Coonley had several teachers participate by reading a novel and connecting with other classrooms around the world. While the program won't kick off until October 2017 it would be great to start forming connections early with other classrooms. If any Coonley teachers know they will be interested let me know and we can start planning. Ms. Wiltse has several of the books that will be featured if you'd like a sneak peak.
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