They are one of the most dangerous things!!!!

By Noel Wido

Staying Safe From EarthQuakes

Staying safe from earthquakes is important for example

-stay under a steady table

-keep a reasonable water supply

-keep a tool box in a accessible place

-Do not use elevator or stairs

-keep away from dangerous objects

-develop a local plan to face earthquakes

That is how you can stay safe from earthquakes.

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What are Earthquakes ?

A earthquake is a large amount of energy that is released by shifting plates . Some times

The plates get stuck and holds the energy in.The energy builds up over years and years

Then boom the energy is released and earthquake is formed.Sometimes it can be so big it can knock a whole city down.That is what a earthquake is.

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Facts About Previous Earthquakes

In Alaska 1964 a 9.2 quake jarred the Earth so strong it caused fishing boats to sink

In Louisiana. Earthquakes can be so strong they can be felt thousands of miles away.

A 8.1 quake in Mexico caused water to splash out of a pool in Arizona - 1240 miles away.

The deadliest earthquake known was in China in 1556 it killed 830,000 people.

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What can a Earthquake do?

A earthquake can knock down a whole city, it can even be felt over 1239 miles away.
A earthquake can kill many many people.I know it sounds like they cant do much
but they really are dangerous things.Earthquakes can affect the earth by tarring
down trees and destroying homes and affecting earths animal.

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