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Summer Newsletter #2

Summer Solstice!

Get your Journal, a pencil/s, and plan a special place for your sit-spot! June 21, 2021 is considered the "longest day" of the year.

What does this mean, the "longest day" of the year?

Go outside 3 or 4 different times of the day/night and make your nature observations....

  • What do you notice?
  • What do you wonder?
  • It reminds me of.....

Look at the plants, look for evidence of animals, look for light and shadows....

Draw, write, or a combination of all of it to show what you experience.

Show what you can't see, but you feel it...How do you do this?

Using your observations, explain your ideas about what is happening with the Earth, Sun, Moon, and space. Explaining can be talking with your family, journaling, recording on SeeSaw, etc.

FAMILY: Prompt your observers by asking questions like:

  • Tell me more...
  • Would you give me more details....
  • What do you mean by....
  • Is there another way you can show me...
  • What can we make to show your thinking?
  • What questions do you still have? What could we do to learn more?

REFRAIN from telling your child what the summer solstice can you help them to construct an age appropriate concept of what's happeing?

Juneteenth-Federal Holiday

Juneteenth recognizes enslaved African Americans being released from slavery in Galvenston,Texas, the last region to emancipate enslaved peoples after the Emancipation Proclamation two years before and two months prior to the passing of Amendment 13-Abolition of Slavery. June 19th, 1865 is recognized as a day to stop and think about the act of emancipation. There are other countries of the world and regions of the United States who have their own local holidays to acknowledge these actions. Please take a moment to make noticings and wonderings about what "freedom" means to you in today's world...
  • What does freedom look like?
  • What does freedom sound like?
  • What does freedom feel like?
  • Freedom reminds me of...


Take the Seawolf Summer Challenge!

Every day:

1) Read for 20 to 30 minutes.

2) Sit outside for 10 minutes to listen, feel, and observe.

3) Write/draw/label what you observe in your sit spot for 15 minutes.

4) Connect your daily world with math concepts. (numbers, shapes, percents, fractions, problem solving, design, cooking, money, statistics...)

5) Use your Toolbox Tools at home.

Use the Summer Kick-Off Weblink to explore and plan how to spend your summer locally. Share your adventures with Mrs. Lunde to be featured in the Summer UELF News!

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