Should There Be Year Round school ?

We think there should not be year round school

I think no

I think we should not have year round school because people will not be able to have summer vacation .Summer vacation is not just fun but also a learning experience. How is it a learning experience? It is learning experience by doing chores, summer camps, visiting different cultures, and still going to summer school to learn. How do you learn from summer vacation? Well by doing chores you learn responsibility. BY doing summer school you can start to get ready for school. By going to to summer camps you make new friends and learn new things like how to take care of nature. Also by visiting different cultures you can learn how to speak different languages so if you take a langue in school you have a head start out of the whole class. Another reason why we think that there should not be year round school is because if you have year round you wont be able to visit your family because there schedules will end up being different and you wont be able to see them as much. The last reason why we think there should not be year round school.

Now tell us what you think

You will be getting a flyer for each side of year round school please have your teacher write your votes on a piece of paper. PS please tally your votes