I. Warrior Network and Email

A short walk-through to access the wifi and email systems

Let's get connected to the wifi!

1. Open your laptop and locate available wifi options.

2. Click on WARRIOR WIFI.

  • The password for this network has already been entered and stored. No need to enter that.
  • Problems? Send up a signal and we'll come verify the password is stored correctly.
Big image

3. Open a website in Safari. Try Wikipedia.org!

This step will "push" the firewall log-in screen to appear so you can log in to the system.

4. Enter your log-in information.

This information is noted on the invitation you brought with you to class today.

Your username is your school email address.
  • first name initial followed by your last name@twca.
  • Ex: George Washington's email address would be gwashington@twca.net.

The temporary password is:

Click "Login"

5. Let's surf!

Open the school website by entering twca.net in the URL address bar.


Let me know how you've progressed so far. Let's 'show and tell'!

Go to: socrative.com
Click: Student Login.
Enter your name and room number: twca
A question will pop up. Answer that question and "submit!"


1. Find FirstClass application in "Finder".

Big image

2. Find the Applications folder and double-click on FirstClass.

Big image

3. Set up your FirstClass email.

Enter the User ID and Password
  • Username: first initial last name (ex: cfarra)
  • Password: twcausr

Click on "Setup..."

4. Change your password.

Once the service setup window opens, it will prompt you to enter your User ID. (ex: cfarra).

Next, enter a password of you choice.
  • Make this a combination of letters and numbers of at least 6 characters.

Click "Save"


To compose, click on "New" in the upper left hand corner.

Your assignment:
1. Send a short email to me at jcoe@twca.net
2. Send a short email to someone sitting near you.
3. Once you receive an email from your neighbor, send a reply message.


How could the email system could be used for communication and collaboration with students? with parents? with colleagues?

Share your thoughts on Padlet: http://padlet.com/coe/email

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