Welcome to Botswana

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Botswana is a landlocked country that is 581,730 sq km and is slightly smaller than Texas. A few of the countries that border it are Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. It is semiarid with hot summers and cold winters and it is mostly flat rolling land with the desert in the south. Few of the natural resources are diamonds, silver, iron ore, copper, nickle, coal, salt, soda ash, and potash. A few of the major land forms are Okavango Delta, the Kalahari Desert, the capital, Gaborone, the Okavango river, and the Botati river. Desertification has had an impact on Botswana because there is less and less land that is not desert.

History of Botswana

  • 1966- independence from Great Britain
  • 1999- suffered its first budget deficit in 16 years
  • 1997- president Ketumile Masire retired
  • 1965- first constitution
  • 1965- first elections


The official language of Botswana is English but there are many languages in Botswana. The two categories of languages are Bantu and Khoisan. Peoples traditions are being threatened by many things.
Botswana Police Band - Fatshe leno la rona (National Anthem)


Botswana is a parliamentary republic with 10 divisions and 6 town councils. The geographic coordinates of the capital are 24 38 S, 25 54 E. They have 3 branches of government. They have 8 major political parties.


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