Derby Daily

May 23-26

The Week at a Glance: As the curtain closes on the 15-16 School Year.....

Monday, May 23rd: #CelebrateMonday many of our friends are on the road learning today! Enjoy your learning today! Safe travels!

3rd grade to the Bridal Cave

5th graders celebrate at Oakland Park and then off to Town and Country Lanes for bowling fun!

Tuesday, May 24th: It's our FIRST Schoolwide Buddy Day Field Day! Thank you Mrs. Mazzocco, Coach V and Student Leadership for all your planning and preparation to make this day a success!

Wednesday, May 25th: 10:00 a.m. 5th grade Graduation Awards Ceremony! SEE BELOW FOR HOW WE WILL CELEBRATE AS A SCHOOL THESE AMAZING LEADERS!

Thursday, May 26th: We are Celebrating RED NOSE DAY! Early Release our final day of 15-16 school year! See you at Logboat Brewing to celebrate!

Don't forget MAY 31st Moving Day!! Join us as we synergize to pack up and move our rooms! 8:00 a.m. SHARP the fun begins

Upcoming Dragon Events: A few summer dates of note

June 6: Summer School begins!

August 10th: We are BACK!

August 11th: DRE Meet your Teacher Night 4-6

August 16th: First day 1-5

August 18th: First day Kindergarten

The learning never stops!

Don't forget to check PD Express for all your Summer Learning!

Drop in the Bucket:

If you see any of our amazing cleaning crew today, please give them a special thank you! They received a 90.03% on their cleaning inspection which is awesome! They do so much for us every day and are always willing to pitch in! Thank you Ms. Carol and your amazing staff!

A tip of the hat to Tricia Price and her Media Center crew! Thank you for working so hard to get our Tech and Books checked back it! It is a difficult job and thank you for your perseverance and attention to detail!

Make Ups are Done and I say THANK YOU for an amazing testing season! Thank you DRE for all your help to lift our students to SHINE! Special thanks to Courtney and Tricia for all your help and guidance! Job Well Done!

I am speechless! With each Data Summit we dug deeper, we strategized for success and the winners are deeper data decisions and student success! Thank you, thank you DRE for always putting students first! The best is yet to come! Mrs. Toni--your organization and communication with our guest teachers is 2nd to none--thank you for working behind the scenes to ensure it all ran smoothly!

Kudos to TEAM Community as we wish well our friends moving on! Ms. Rudder the shirts were divine and thanks for coordinating the books! What an amazing EOY Celebration--from the rap, to the skits, to the games....DRE: Simply the Best!

Take a Bow to Team Title for their amazing celebration of GaGa--22 years of AWESOME! Thanks for organizing Agave, the laughter, the tear the fun!

I Love it when the family gets together! Thanks for another fantastic Morning Gathering! Thank you Coach V for making it possible for us to groove! Thank you GaGa for the Attendance info in order for us to Celebrate Perfection! Thank you Mrs. Price for the BookWorm salute!

A SHOUT OUT to Ms. Ristau and Ms. Wilkey for an INCREDIBLE TALENT SHOW! Thank you friends for all the hard work to make it happen! What an incredible celebration of our Dragon Talent...our Dragon Leaders! Spectacular! A tip of the hat to our Teacher Dance Crew---Encore! Encore!

TLIM Book Study Crew--thanks for the amazing conversation and planning as we look to how to empower our leadership vision! Thanks for your thoughtful questions! Thanks for welcoming Lance Wheeler--you are amazing ambassadors for DRE! Looking to the future and beyond--the sky is the limit!

Hooray Pre-school friends! Thanks for celebrating with our families at your end of year BBQ! Thanks for all your work to build strong relationships and a firm foundation as they embark on their educational journey! Job Well Done!

Our Schoolwide Recognition of our 5th grade friends: THE DRAGON WALK!

Join us as we celebrate our 5th grade leaders! We will line specific areas of the hallways to clap, cheer, displays signs and good wishes to our 5th grade friends! We will line the hallways as Pomp and Circumstance is piped through the intercom to begin the tradition of the Dragon Walk and celebrate our 5th graders and they make their way to Graduation!

BEGIN LINING UP at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 25th

Please see your designated area so you can be part of this school wide celebration:

Second graders and Ms. Wasicko: line both sides your hallway

Fourth graders and Mrs. Rudder: line both sides of the hallway with the chalkboards and Mrs. Rudder's room and ELL

Kindergarten and First Grade: Both sides of the hallway by Art Room, Cross and Neurohr

Third Grade and Preschool: please line both sides of the Media Center hallway

Questions? Let me know! I am excited to celebrate our Dragon Leaders!

Red NOSE DAY! Join us Celebrating Red Nose Day! DRE will be the CPS CHAMPION!

We received this challenge from Dr. Schumacher from Smithton on Friday! Let's show them that amazing Dragon Spirit...

Hope everyone knows what Thursday, May 26 is…Yeah, Yeah, Yeah it is the last day of school but it is also National Red Nose Day. I just wanted to let you all know that Smithton Middle School will have more staff members wearing red noses on that day than any other school in the district…You might try but it will be pointless.

Yes, this is a challenge…not much of a big challenge since Las Vegas has already picked SMS has the hands down favorite. But, I am known as an encourager so give it a try. Channel your Growth Mindset, it just might help! Wishing you the best.

Leader of the first ever CPS Red Nose Day Champions.....SHINN says NOT!

What is National Red Nose Day: Red Nose Day is a special day for Americans to come together to have fun and make a difference for kids.

Red Nose Day returns this year to the U.S. on Thursday May 26, 2016. The day's events will culminate in a two-hour live primetime TV special on NBC, featuring the biggest stars across comedy, music, TV and film. Funds raised go to the Red Nose Day Fund which distributes the money through programs to keep children and young people safe, healthy and educated. Red Nose Day USA is run by Comic Relief Inc. in the U.S. and Comic Relief UK are independent sister organizations that are joined by their shared vision of a just world, free from poverty and the mission to drive positive change through the power of entertainment.

Where can you get your Red Nose---WALGREENS!

Tech Reminders!

  • The biggest change is that after June 30th, A​ngel and Blackboard Lea​rning Management Systems (not Parentlink) will be turned off and we will have no way to access the information on those servers. As of June 7th, links to the Blackboard LMS in the Network Applications folder and links to Angel on the Desktop and Portal will be removed. Here’s a link to Schoology, our new Learning Management System:
  • On that note, Schoology will be available for secondary summer school; however, grade book syncing back to eSchool will not be possible. Regular year courses will be turned off in Schoology on June 3rd, but the courses will be archived and available. More information for teachers and guidance can be found here:
  • Due to driver issues that were experienced on computers throughout the year, we will be imaging all computers over the summer. Please make sure that you back-up your information, such as bookmarks and documents. We highly recommend you back-up your information to your Google Drive; we will not be wiping Google Drives over the summer, and it has unlimited storage!

And, here are some friendly reminders:

  • Don’t forget, all mobile technology devices should be removed from the trailers before the end of the school year for security purposes. Please speak to your building technician if you have any questions or need assistance.
  • For teachers leaving CPS, please be sure to clear and turn-in your iPad before leaving.
  • Next school year, we will follow the same process for student passwords as we did this last school year; your feedback was that it worked well, and we see no need to change it. We will send details to you in early August.

Finally, we hope everyone has a great summer, whether you’re in Columbia or not! If you need to reach the Help Desk, please note that from June 1st to July 30th, hours will be 7 AM to 5 PM (inside CPS: ext. 25888; outside CPS: 573-214-3333).

Due to our Ever Changing DRE family WE have a NEW and IMPROVED DRE 16-17 MAP! in your box Monday, May 23

With love and gratitude..........

As we close out the 15-16 school year my heart is full. Full of gratitude for all who have welcomed Doug, Cameron and I into your warm Dragon family! Thank you for your guidance, support and patience as I have navigated and learned from each of you. I have grown as you have taught me what it means to be a Derby Dragon. I thank you for sharing with me your time and talent each and every day! The laughter, the smiles, the unwavering commitment each bring to the fold each and every day! From the unscripted moments of the Derby Dines, to the deep data driven discussions of how to best meet the needs of our family--the celebrations as we provided a new pair of shoes, a new reading or math intervention, a handshake, a high-five, a hello, a free breakfast and lunch--feeding the body, mind and souls of our Dragon families. Never have I seen more than this year that it does take a village...thank you for being that village for our friends. To those of you leaving the fold....remember you always have a home at Derby, once a dragon, always a dragon..we wish you the best...for those staying know as we embark on our PLC journey the best is yet to come. For all, my wish for you is a summer filled with laughter, love and late nights filled with the love of family and friends! Enjoy and remember Dragon Leaders it is with gratitude that I say thank you for making a difference everyday and as's a GREAT DAY to be a Dragon! Kristi:)