I cant breathe was the last words Eric Garner said before dying. even though the choke hold was against the law. the court still not convict the cop. what really in disbelieving is that they left Eric Garner lying on the ground dead. no cop even tried to save him. not even the paramedics tried to save him. police say he was selling lose cigarettes. looking at the evidence GARNER said don't touch me please. the court saw the video and that video did not show ERIC GARNER fighting back. its funny because people pull guns on cops and come out fine. ERIC GARNER HAD NOT ONE WEPON ON HIM AND HE GETS KLLED. ERIC GARNERS said that her husband has been in trouble with the law, never resisted ever. she also stated " police knew my husband and called him cigarette man or called cigarette man wife. this shows the police had harassed them many times. we need to fight for the court to convict the people responsible for his death. we need to make though row back ground checks.