The Boy In the Striped Pajamas

John Boyne

Book Information

Written By: John Boyne

Published By: David Fickling Books

ISBN-10: 0385751532


  • Bisto Book of the Year

My Review

This book is based on the major event The Holocaust. In this book the main character is Bruno but unfortunately is the son of Hitler; hated my many loved by few. Hitler was dictator for Germany, he hated the Jews for what they believed in. So his logic was to put them in a fenced camp area and make them work hard all day just to kill them. Well Bruno didn't judge anyone and had no friends. He was desperate to find a friend and one day he ran off far from where he had lived only to find a kid around his age to talk to. The thing is that his new friend was a Jew. Let's just take a moment and realize how his father (Hitler) will take this news. Bruno makes many trips to the camp some to play, feed his friends, others just to talk. One day he decides to go into the camp to meet Shmuel's (Bruno's friend) family. What he doesn't know is that he's not allowed in the camps but yet he stills makes it in. Looking and looking the can't seem to find Schmuel's mom. They to decide to go into the showers to look for his mom but find old naked men and also told to strip all their close to begin to shower. If you know anything about the Holocaust shower is another term for gas chamber.

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