Sad News for Holy Rosary

Prayers, Please

Father Wagner

Good Evening,

I want to report some very sad news. This morning, as Fr. Wagner was celebrating mass at Visitation, he collapsed. It turns out that he suffered an irreversible brain hemorrhage. He is currently in the hospital, in critical condition. The doctors have informed the family, however, that he will not survive this. Currently, some of the family has arrived to be with Father Wagner, but they are waiting for his father and sister to arrive from Wenatchee, as well as a brother from Poland.

As soon as I was informed this morning, just after 8 am, I went to the hospital with Father Wagner's secretary, Laurie. We spent the day there and had the opportunity to visit Father, though he was not conscious. Many people were there to support the family, including the Vicar for Clergy, the Bishop, and many priests.

Please join me in prayer for the family during this extraordinarily difficult time. Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, but we are comforted in the knowledge that Jesus has prepared a special place in His Father's house for Fr. Wagner.

A prayer vigil will be held tonight at 7 pm at Holy Rosary and we will announce more information as we have it.

If you have the opportunity to talk with your child about this tonight, please feel free. We will be having a special prayer service and discussing it further with the kids at school tomorrow.


Katie Dempsey