JA Cub Report

Update #3

Device and Materials Pick-up

Monday, August 31 and Tuesday, September 1

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

We will have device and materials drive up pick up. We will have some of the following items:

  • iPads for those needing a device
  • new passwords for 6th graders
  • Art supplies for Klocke (1st Quarter students)
  • 7th Grade Science Kits
  • Yearbook orders from last year
  • Backpacks with school supplies
  • Musical instruments (please drive around front to Door 2 and we can help you)
  • 6th grade chorus books
  • Return any devices from Spring and Summer.
  • Return any textbooks and library books. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Help! I don't even know where to start with Google Classroom?

A: We use all of the Google products so the best place to start on is with Gmail. Your student should log into Gmail before school starts on Wednesday, September 2nd by using their student ID#@isd535.org (eg. 9009999@isd535.org).Your student will have invitations to all their Google Classrooms. He or she should accept the invites and follow the link to the Google Classroom. Once the invites are accepted for each class, your student can start each class period

Q: What's my password?

A: 7th and 8th graders should use the same password as last year. 6th grade will have new passwords randomly generated today, August 28. We will distribute these on Monday and Tuesday during device pick up. Any student who didn't receive theirs on Monday and Tuesday will have his or her password email to the adult(s) listed as Family 1 in Skyward. We apologize for any inconvenience this last minute change may cause 6th grade families.

Q: When is device pick up?

A: Device pick up is Monday, August 31st and Tuesday, September 1st from 9am to 5pm. Please drive through the main parking lot following the signs and stopping at any station that applies to you. Please stay in your car. A staff member will come to you.

Q: How do I get my instrument and/or music book?

A: Instruments being rented from or provided by school along with any music books may be picked up during device pick up on Monday and Tuesday from 9 to 5.

Q: What apps need to be on the ipad?

A: The majority of students will need to download Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Hangout Meets-RPS, and Google Classroom.

Q: I have a school device and there isn't an App Store. Where do I get the apps?

A: RPS has their own version of the App Store will all district approved apps. This store is called Self Service. If Self Service doesn't appear on your school device please call the office at 328-5700.

Q: What other items are being handed out on Monday and Tuesday?

A: The following class specific items are being distributed during device pick up:

  • 7th grade students - Life Science experiment bag
  • 7th grade students who have Art with Mrs. Klocke during 1st semester only - art supply bag
  • 6th grade students who have choir - music theory book

Q: What supplies will my student need?

A: Your student will not need much during distance learning. However we suggest you take advantage of back to school sales to purchase items on the school supply list. JA Supply List

We do have some Running Start backpacks with supplies available. If you are unable to afford supplies for your child, please ask for a backpack.

Q: As a parent, I don't know my Skyward username and password?

A: Call the school at 328-5700 or email allarue@isd535.org and request a password reset. This will be sent to the email on file in Skyward. If the email address has changed we can update that as well.

Q: I do not understand the block schedule!

A: Middle school runs on an A/B day schedule when we are face to face. We took the A day and split it in two with hours 1 through 4 on day 1 and hours 5 through 8 and the second day. Then we did the same to the B day. We've uploaded a fillable schedule below to re-write your student's schedule. You would then match the title at the top of the column to the day listed on the calendar below.

Q: What is Target?

A: When we are face to face Target is study hall. During DL there is no need to log into Google Meet for this. Students should use this time to get any work done, read independently or perhaps complete chores for you!

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Community Education

Yahye Ahmed will be returning as the John Adams After School Site Director!

The following Middle School Fall Activities have been canceled-

  • Boys and Girls Soccer- (potential of a spring season)
  • Girls Volleyball-(potential of a spring season)
  • ILEO Lego Robotics Club
  • Boys 7th Grade Football- (potential of a spring season)

We are in the early stages of determining what activities and clubs will begin in September. To begin ALL out of school activities will meet in an online/distance learning format utilizing our district Google platforms. There is potential for small group in-person activities to occur down the road but at minimum nothing in person until at least October 1st. Once we have our initial plan ready we will create a communication and flyer to share with your JA Families.

Matt Gove

Coordinator of Youth Enrichment

Northrop Education Center



John Adams Block Schedule for Distance Learning

The District will implement a later DL start time for secondary students of 8:25 AM - 3:10 PM, with a 45-minute lunch period. A later start time while in DL will offer benefits for our students. Given current transportation scenarios, we will not be able to continue a later start time if the District goes to full in-person learning.

Students will attend hours 1-4 on one day and 5-8 on the next. We will be incorporating a 4 day rotations for A and B day course offerings. Please see the schedule and calendar below. Days of the week will also be communicated in our weekly newsletters. Students will have classes on the following days:

  • 1A: 1-4A
  • 2A: 5-8A
  • 1B: 1-4B
  • 2B: 5-8B

Students will not meet during their assigned Target classes. This is their independent work time. We will be doing Advisory as follows:

  • 6th Grade (Hour 5): Advisory 9:25-9:50 (student work time at beginning of hour)
  • 7th Grade (Hour 4): Advisory 1:45-2:10 (student work time remainder of hour)
  • 8th Grade (Hour 6): Advisory 10:00-10:25 (student work time remainder of hour)

*If we go to in-person learning, we will revert back to our regular schedule.

We will open Skyward access at 5 pm on Monday, August 24. This will allow you to view your child's schedule. This will replace our schedule pick-up.

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Daily Attendance

  • Students will be expected to attend distance learning classes daily. Teachers will be taking attendance in Skyward. Students who cannot attend a live class will work with their teachers on a case-by-case basis to utilize the asynchronous option. They will remain accountable to their teachers and must access the lesson within 24 hours to be considered in-attendance.
  • When in the Google Classroom for their class, students will enter their first and last name in the chat.
  • When students cannot attend online learning, please use directions below to enter in Skyward. Or you can call the JA Attendance Line at 328-5710
  • When your child is ill, please give a description of symptoms.