Pregnant teens

By Kalen Wiebe

Every Year Their are Nearly 750,000 Teen Pregnancies

more then 50% of those teen moms don't finish high school

Generational Cycle of Teen Pregnancy

The cycle that occurs when a teen whose mother was a teen parent becomes a teen parent.

What are 3 risks to a baby born to teen parents

  • The teen doesn't finish school
  • Teens body is still developing
  • Very unhealthy habits

why is a baby born to teen parents less likely to graduate high school

  • Less money
  • More embarrassment
  • More than likely going to get get pregnant or get a girl pregnant like there parents
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why are pregnant teens less likely to seek parental care then older women?

  • They're embarrassed
  • They don't realize the importance
  • Not as much education
  • Scared

How does lack of parental care harm a baby?

  • Lack of bonding
  • Abandoned
  • Unloved

Why are teen fathers less likely to have close relationships with their children?

  • Relationship problems
  • Mother taking the baby
  • Father leaving
  • Not committed like an older married couple would be
  • This affects them in the fact that without a father or with a father they don't know well their relationship won't be as good
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How does lack of contact with the father affect the child's future

They grow up hating their father for leaving when it might not be the father's fault. they grow up not knowing what a fathers like

how does using alcohol and drugs increase teens risk of becoming a parent

  • They don't know what they're doing
  • Birth control doesn't work after use of alcohol

How do hobbies, activities, and talents affect the risk of teen pregnancy

  • It affects teen pregnancy in a good way
  • It keeps teens occupied and happy to do others things rather than focus on sex
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Where can teens go for help and info?

  • The internet
  • Your parents
  • Books
  • Friends
  • Family
  • I'm sure there are several places you can go for help you just have to be willing to seek it out.

what would becoming a teen parent do?

  • Becoming a teen parent is a huge impact on your life
  • I would have to finish high school early
  • Probably wait to go to college
  • And it would be hard to take care of a baby

How would becoming a teen parent ultimately impact your life?

My life would change a lot, my whole plan would get flipped upside down, the child would come first, and it would affect my whole family and all my friends because at my age with all I got going on i'd need all the help I could get and that means it would really affect people in my life.

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