Tech Nuggets

January 2014

New Wireless Access Points

You may have notice some new glowing blue lights in the ceilings or on the walls recently. You are being invaded, but not by aliens. The tech department has been hard at work replacing the old access points with new ones. We have also been adding access points in all the buildings in an effort to improve connectivity with the increase in devices and laptops. The move to these new access points will allow use to grow our WiFi as needed without additional cost and provides better control for blocking wired computers, like those in the computer labs, from pulling wirelessly. These devices also make it easier to determine if there is an issue with that access point. If the solid blue glowing light is on, then you are good. If the light is flashing or off all together, then you need to contact the tech office.

We have been appreciative of your patience and cooperation as we have invaded your spaces, left a little mess and knocked you off the wireless for a few minutes. If you have any additional questions relating to this project, please feel free to call or email the tech department.

Meet Our New Tech TA, Kwinter

Kwinter is working one hour each day in the tech department. He will be assigned various tasks including the assistance of technology issues in the classroom.

New Apps for January

The following apps were purchased for the district during the month of January. Some of them have already been added to student devices, but if they are not on your the devices your students use feel free to request them via the district app request form at Apps4Learning.

Fickle Flocks

Come discover the world of Fickle Flocks in this beautifully illustrated storybook app for the iPad and iPhone. Read along to your children or record your voice (in the iPad version) so they can follow along on their own. This interactive app features dynamic images to keep your child engaged, and a heartwarming story to build your child's reading skills. Compatible on iOS 6.1 or later iPads and iPods.
New Year...My Three Words - Discover my three words for this year and the read more about the Three Words premise.

Flipping the Classroom - An inspired post about the educational shift to a flipped classroom based on an interview with Todd Nesloney, a 5th grade teacher in Texas. Additional resources and articles on the flipped classroom are available at the end of the post.

Website Wednesday Links

Don't Let Google Drive Leave Tire Marks on your Lesson Plans! | Indiana Jen

Ideas for improving the workflow when using Google Drive with students

Real World Math Problems

Math lessons connected to real world problems. Lessons provide handouts, interactive activities and more. Thanks to Matt for sharing this site!

Google for Education

Learn about Google Tools in the Classroom with these tutorials and lessons. You can also work on becoming a Google Certified Teacher.

Museum of Science and Industry: Simple Machines Game

Great game to use with kids to have them practice using simple machines while gaining computer parts for their robot.

Grade 2 Common Core Math - Grade 2 Home

Obtain Common Core lessons, assessments and resources for math. This page is specific to Grade 2, but on the right side of the page you can also access grades K-6. Thanks to Kayla for sharing this site!

Learning Never Stops: 21 YouTube videos that help make learning the Constitution fun

Provides the videos, title and brief descriptor. Might be great to use with Constitution day or government class.

Google Tips

Great resource for teachers and students providing tips on Google tools and features. You can view all the cards or filter down by a specific Google tool.

Yummy Math

Find ready to use lessons and resources to bring real-life math into the classroom.

Real World Math

Real World Math is a collection of free math activities for Google Earth designed for students and educators.

Get The Math

Short videos that introduce students to various professions that use algebra in their field.

technology rocks. seriously.: School Signs

Free downloadable posters for the classroom.

Smithsonian Channel

Use the search feature to find short videos to reinforce or introduce curriculum content in the classroom.


Educational games and learning activities grades K-12 in multiple subjects. Math and English activities are aligned with Common Core. The activities and games come from various publishers like PBS, Discovery, Khan Academy, Scholastic and National Geographic. Teachers can create classes and assign specific activities.