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November 2017 Calendar

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Principal's Message

This month we will be hosting our student-led conferences. Please take a moment to book your appointment with your child's teacher using the online booking service (see below).

Our student-led conferences are an exciting time for your child to share with you all their exciting learnings that they have experienced at this time of the school year. Each class organizes their student-leds slightly different. The overall focus of these meetings is for the students to share with the parents. If you have something specific to speak to the teacher about and the opportunity does not present itself during these meetings, our teachers will be happy to have a conversation with you at a time that can work for you.

Our report cards will be sent home November 24th. We have spent the past couple years limiting the number of report cards for print. If possible, it would be extremely helpful if parents can log into the Parent Portal (click here) and select electronic report card.

I hope everyone has a fantastic November!

Take care,

Mr. Colin Campbell (B.A., B.Ed, M.Ed)

Principal: Elmdale School

Email: ccampbell@hsd.ca

Twitter: @elmdalehsd


Booking Student Led Conferences

Book Conference Time Here.

Parent Parking

Located in our main parking lot on the North side of our school, we have our Family Parking lot. This is where all families park to pick up and drop off children. Parents must walk their child from their vehicle to the school playground. Please be aware that at these pick up and drop off times, we have school busses that enter and exit the school parking lot.

Passion Projects in 3/4G!

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PrinciPal Winners for October

Arabella G. 1E; Landon B. 1J; Selah R. 1M; Lucas E. 2F; Janelle S. 2R; Nixon D. 2T; Austin B. 3M; Ciara O. 3/4B; Taylor P. 3/4G; Leander D. 3/4T; Angelina F. 4D; Serina L. 1E; Micaela D. 1J; Taryn F. 1M; Michelle S. 2F; Karly B. 2R; Zack K. 2T; Logan G. 3M; Jeremiah G. 3/4B; Zachary K. 3/4G; Jayla W. 3/4T; John P. 4D; Ava W. 1E; Liza R. 1J; Samuel K. 1M; Levi P. 2F; Vanessa C. 2R; Jessie May Q. 2T; Emma J. 3M; Zackery R. 3/4B; Hadley T. 3/4G; Zyra Y. 3/4T; Alex E. 4D.

Thank you Parents!!

The Elmdale Parent Council would like to thank all the Elmdale Families for their support in the cookie fundraiser. This year $2592 was raised.

Bus Times, Routes & Address Changes

Please check our website for the bus pick up times and location near your house.
If your address has changed, please call transportation at 204-320-2347 to make sure that your children are riding the correct bus to and from school.

"Soup's On" School Lunches

"Soup's On" provides daily school lunches to families in need. It can be started and stopped as needed. Contact our Resource Teacher Ms. Marge Thiessen (mthiessen@hsd.ca) or your child's teacher via agenda book to register your child.