Weekly Newsletter | September 17

Edgemont Junior High

Principal's Message

EJH Newsletter - Sept 17, 2021

For Your Information

Eagle Eye Recognition

This year our staff will be recognizing students who are going above and beyond at school. This recognition will be in the form of Eagle Eye postcards that will be sent home in the mail. We will also randomly draw four postcards each day and read them during our morning announcement. Students that get drawn will be called down to the office for a treat.

Morning Drop-Off

If you are dropping off your student by car at our drop-off lot (Hilltop lot on the north side of the school), here are a couple of reminders:

  • We are seeing a larger number of car drop-offs this year. Please leave early enough to account for the additional traffic.
  • In order to keep traffic moving, it is a right turn only when exiting the lot.
  • The school doors open at 7:00 am.
  • Our first bell rings at 7:15 am and that is our signal for students to go to class.
  • School starts at 7:20 am.

Riding the Bus With Large Objects

Several questions have come to the office regarding large objects being carried on the the bus. As a general rule, if the object can sit on a student's lap or does not have the potential to harm others, it is safe to bring onboard.

Washington D.C. and New York Trip

Mr. Howard will be leading a group of students to to Washington D.C. and New York through World Strides, an educational travel organization*. This trip will take place in June of 2022. The deadline for signing up is Thursday, September 30, 2021. If you are interested, sign up today at worldstrides.com/signup using Trip ID 186975 or contact Mr. Howard at howardnm@puyallup.k12.wa.us.

* Please note that this is not a Puyallup School District sponsored event.

COVID-19 Cases and Procedures

The Puyallup School District as well as the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department provide dashboards for the public to view current data related to COVID-19 cases. If you are interested in seeing this data, please use the links provided below:

Attendance Reminders

Just a reminder that parents/guardians need to contact the office or send a note excusing all student absences. Please contact 253-841-8727 in the event that your child will be out of school. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

New To Edgemont?

Welcome to all of our new students and families! If you missed the first week, here are a few introductory videos that will help get you up and running around the school. Please note that these videos will require a student login:

Athletics Calendar

Please check ArbiterLive for all of our fall sports schedules at EJH and PHS. You can access the site using this link.

Counseling News

Suicide Prevention Resources

People are often afraid to bring up suicide, but experts agree the best ways to prevent suicide is to talk about it. For Suicide Prevention Awareness month, we’re providing resources for families.

Drug/Alcohol Prevention Information

Exploring Treatment Options

While addiction treatment can vary according to the specific drug, a successful program often includes different elements, such as:

Detoxification. Usually, the first step is to purge your body of drugs and manage withdrawal symptoms.

Behavioral counseling. Individual, group, and/or family therapy can help you identify the root causes of your drug use, repair your relationships, and learn healthier coping skills.

Medication may be used to manage withdrawal symptoms, prevent relapse, or treat any co-occurring mental health condition such as depression or anxiety.

Long-term follow-up can help to prevent relapse and maintain sobriety. This may include attending regular in-person support groups or online meetings to help keep your recovery on track.

Recovery steps and treatment options. You choose; that first step is critical!


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