Chapter 10

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B=Area of Base

P=Perimeter of the Base




S=Surface Area

l=slant height

10.1 Vocab

base of a parallelogram-is the length of any one of its sides.

height of a parallelogram-is the perpendicular distance between the base and the opposite side

bases of a trapezoid-are its two parallel sides.

height of a trapezoid-the perpendicular distance between the two bases

10.1 Formulas

Area of Parallelogram


Area of Trapezoid

A=0.5*(base 1 +base 2) * height

Algebra - Area of a Trapezoid

10.2 Vocab

radius- The distance from the center of a circle to any point on the circle.

diameter- is the distance across the circle through the center,or twice the radius

pi- a math constant used that is rounded to 3.14

10.2 Formulas

Area of a Circle


How to Find the Area of a Circle, Given a Radius or a Diameter

10.3 Vocab

Solid- a 3D figure that encloses a part of a space

Polyhedron- a solid that is enclosed by polygons. Only has flat surfaces

Faces- The polygons that form a polyhedron

Prism- a polyhedron, have 2 congruent bases that lie in parallel lines. the other faces are rectangles.

Pyramid- a polyhedron, that only has 1 base, other bases are triangles.

Cylinder- a solid with 2 congruent circular bases that lie in parallel planes

Cone- is a solid with only one circular base

Sphere- is a solid formed by all points in space that are the same distance from a fixed point called the center

Edge- The segments where faces of a polyhedron meet

Vertex- is a point where three or more edges meet.

10.3 How to count faces, edges, and verticies

Classify the solid. Then count the number of edges, faces, and vertices.

Cylinders and cones aren't polyhedrons.

10.4 Vocab

Net- is a 2D pattern that forms a solid when it is folded

Surface Area- is the sum of the areas of its faces

10.4 Formulas

Surface area of a prism

S= 2B + Ph

Surface Area of a Cylinder

S=2B + Ch= 2*pi*r*r+2*pi*r*h

Cylinder Volume and Surface Area
How to find the Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism

10.5 Vocab

Slant height- is the height of a lateral face, that is, any face that is not the base

10.5 Vocab

Surface Area of a Pyramid

S= B + 0.5*P*l

Surface Area of a Cone


Surface Area of a Pyramid
Surface Area Of A Cone -

10.6 Vocab

Volume- is a measure of the amount of space a solid occupies

10.6 Formulas

Volume of Prisms


Volume of Cylinders


Volume Of A Cylinder

10.7 Vocab

Refer to previous sections

10.7 formulas

Volume of a Pyramid


Volume of a Cone


How To Find The Volume Of A Cone: THE EASY WAY!
Volume of a Pyramid