Cedar Bluff Page Turners

We meet Thursday after school in the Media Center

Join us in exploring Science Fiction choices: Ember, Divergent

Come pick up a parental permission slip, check out your first choice of the books, and begin reading. Our goal is to enjoy literature at a deeper level through personal interactions with fellow students and faculty. Ms. Getz and Ms. Blanton will be the staff hosts. You do not need to someone that loves to read --just wants to read! See you there.

You can join us...

Thursday January 11 to discuss the first 50 pages or so of both books. Bring questions for discussion as readers or as writers. We will meet first in two book groups (one for each title) and then come together to compare what we're finding.

When we finish reading the first books we will create Book Trailers of these and other favorite science fiction books to share with our CBMS community.

Finally we will periodically use our Thursday afternoon to bring our own writing to share with one another. Again, everyone is welcome on those afternoons. Listen for the announcements.

Activities for the Page Turners

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can come? Any CBMS staff or student interested in reading and writing.

When do you meet? Thursday afternoons 3:30-4:30.

Where do you meet? Library - Media Center

Do I have to join? No, you may come when we are reading books of interest to you

and miss others.

What if I am only interested in reading OR writing? Come on the days you choose.

Who chooses the books? Student input is the primary source of book choice.

If I have more questions? Talk with Ms. Getz or Ms. Blanton.