Peer Mentor Coordinator Spotlight

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Brooke McCanna

Major: Dual Early Childhood and Special Education

Reason to become Peer Mentor: I had the opportunity to create this program along with Keyra and I really took the opportunity and ran with it. It was great being able to create this program and take what I learned as a Learning Group leader and redesign it for second-year students.

Importance of SSS Department: Being first (generation), I was very nervous when I came into college. SSS helped me make friends and learn all of the information that I needed to know to be successful as a college student.

Advice to students: Be true to yourself, do what makes you happy even if that means changing your major 2 or 3 times.

Keyra Price

Major: Secondary Education and Broadfield Social Science

Reason to become Peer Mentor: I have a passion for working with people and when offered the Peer Mentor Coordinator position with SSS, I was ecstatic. It is such a wonderful opportunity and a great program.

Importance of SSS Department: Student Support Services has helped me so much throughout my college career. I have created some long lasting friends and I have learned some very valuable lessons. Learning groups are the best way to get information that will help you in the long run. It might not seem relevant at the moment, but it will help you farther along your journey.

Advice to students: Listen to your advisers! Go to professors’ office hours or get a tutor. But it is important to remember that college is not just about academics, it is about the connections you make with people.


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