Class Dojo

Getting Started with ClassDojo

My top 5 tips for getting started:

  1. Make ClassDojo a regular part of the school day. Record attendance, give homework points, points for being on time, etc... Consistency is key.
  2. Allow students to take ownership: Let students vote on rewards, encourage them to customize avatars, check the website, and make time on the class computer for kids that don't have computers at home.
  3. Focus on positive reinforcement: Communicate that ClassDojo is in your classroom to help the team. Negative behaviors should be phrased as "helpful reminders", never punishments.
  4. Invite parents to be part of ClassDojo: Parents are your partners! Communicate your expectations at Back-to-School Night ask them to sign up to receive Reports and Messages from you. Show parents how you'll use the data to improve their child's learning experience.
  5. Show your enthusiasm: Energy is infectious! Show the kids why you love your system, and they'll feel your energy.

How I Use Class Dojo

I use Class Dojo to support school-wide PBIS, to monitor participation and work habits, citizenship grades on report cards, parent communication, classroom incentives, and progressive discipline.

School-wide PBIS

Each month our school has a PBIS behavior focus. I use Class Dojo to monitor the focus behavior and issue out our school-wide incentives.

Participation and Work Habits

I use the random feature to call on students during instruction, monitor participation and collaboration, and observe whether or not they're on task and working.


I use their percentage for the grading period to determine their citizenship grade. I've found that this works really well since I have data to back it up, more objective than subjective.

O = 90-100%

S = 70 - 89%

N = 50-69%

U = <50%

Parent Communication

Parents can create accounts and log in anytime to see their child's daily behavior and any notes you make. In addition, weekly reports are emailed each week. My favorite feature is the instant messaging/text feature. You can send individual or group messages and include pictures in your messages. This has really facilitated home communication for me.

Classroom Incentives

Each month I pay my students in the amount of their total combined points. Students use this money to buy items from my class store. After I pay them, I reset their points. Clean Slate! **I don't loan pencils out. Students can buy a pencil from the store if they need one. **

Progressive Discipline

I track negative points each month and follow our school's progressive discipline plan easily. When, and if I need to write a referral, I have documentation of behavior, parent communication, and my interventions. Then, I'm just able to print up the report and attach it to my referral. My administrators are confident that I have exhausted all other options before I send a student up to the office. This procedure is outlined in my class syllabus.

-5 points = Note in agenda, Class Dojo, and 15 minute detention.

-10 points = Phone call/message to parents, note in Class Dojo and agenda, 30 minute detention

-15 points = Referral

**Remember, I reset points each month; so students really have to work hard to get to a referral.

Sharing students with other teachers

Sharing students with other teachers at your school is simple to get set up!

When to use this: Shared Students is the best way to share your students with other teachers, pull students from your school roster, and see how students are doing across other classes. This also allows you to collaborate with other teachers, while still maintaining your own point bubbles and reports.

How to get set up:

  1. Log into your ClassDojo account on the Teacher website (note: this feature cannot be set up via the ClassDojo app at this time)

  2. Make sure you and the teacher you want to share students with is connected to the same school. To connect to a school just click on the "Join my school" link in the bottom left of your classes overview screen. Use the search bar to find your school and connect.

  3. Once connected to a school you will be able to see the other teachers connected to that school. Make sure the teacher you want to collaborate shows up there.

  4. Next you will need to connect to the other teacher. To do this you will use your secure "Teacher code." You can get your teacher code by pressing the "Show my teacher code" button. It will ask for your ClassDojo password (for security purposes).

  5. Share your teacher code with the other teacher OR get their teacher code.

  6. Entering a teacher code is simple. Just click on the "Connect" button next to that teacher's name and enter their code :)

Once connected to other teachers you will be able to:

  • Share your students with other teachers in your school
  • Add students to your classes from your school roster
  • See how your students are doing in other classes

Teachers you're connected to will not be able to:

  • Delete students from your classes
  • Alter your point bubbles, behaviors, or awards
  • Change your students’ avatars

How to share your class with another teacher!