Hitler Youth

An organization for kids


My first section is about how the organization of the Hitler Youth started. My second section is how Boys get in the Hitler Youth. Also about what they do before joining the SA. My third section is about the League of German Girls. Also the things girls do to prepare for going into motherhood and the physical training they do.
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Hitler Youth

Hitler Youth Organization took control of Germanys youth when they became old enough. Hitler Youth started out wiht 50,000 members and grew to over 2 million. The organization started in 1936 and ended in 1945. They soon made it mandatory that all German kids must be apart of Hitler Youth.

Boys in the Hitler Youth

Boys in the Hitler Youth started learning about it whe they were about 6. Then around 10 they were able to become members. Most boys who joined Hilter Youth were commoted to the National Socialism and its ideas. Most boys wore black shorts, with brown shirts and a swastika armband. They were given two knives: one was a scout knife and the other was a knife shaped like a bayonet.

Girls in the Hitler Youth

League of German Girls did athletic things like gymnastics. But before joining they had to go through an initiation ceremony and swore an oath to Hitler. Girls were being trained to become ready for motherhood. Girls wore uniforms that had heavy marching shoes, full blue skirt, white blouse with a cotton Heckerchief with their insignia.

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