Middle Earth Monthly

Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

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Publisher:Del Rey

Originally Published: 1954

Pages: 458

My Favorite Quote

"Three rings for the Elven kings under the sky, Seven for the Dwarf-lords in halls of stone, Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die, One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne, One Ring to rule them all One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. In the Land Of Mordor where the Shadows lie." This is said in multiple places throughout the book, and in some versions it is literally the first thing you see past the copyright info. I feel this is the most important quote because, A it just sounds plain awesome, its like another mini fantasy book in one quote, and B it sums up the basic history of the magic rings and the One Ring. Its not a perfect summary, but you pretty much know enough from that quote to understand the rings, although the fact that the One Ring turns you invisible and makes you go crazy if you wear it,(A pretty important detail) was completely left out.

A quick overview of the adventure

On Bilbo Baggins "Eleventy First" birthday he gives his adopted son Frodo the One ring, an all powerful ring sought by all evil in Middle Earth. Then a wizard known as Gandalf The Grey tells Frodo he must cast the ring into the fires of mount doom(A volcano) in which it was created. So Frodo, Sam, and Pippin set off to cast the ring into the volcano. Not long after they begin to be hunted by ring wraiths. Luckily they manage to hide every time and avoid capture. Then they discover a group of elves and join them at their camp. There the elves discuss Bilbo and Gandalf and the Hobbits are set off with fresh food and drink. The next day the hobbits leave the camp and have to cross the fields of a farmer who Frodo had stolen from in the past. Luckily the farmer forgives Frodo and invites all the hobbits in for Beer. They talk for a while about where the Hobbits are going before leaving again. Later when they are sleeping under a tree, the roots start trying to strangle them ,but they are saved by Tom Bombadil. After thanking Tom(Hopefully giving him a reward), they continue along their journey making sure to watch out for trees. Then they make it to the village of Bree where they meet Aragorn a ranger who comes to their aid. As they reach the Hill of Weathertop, they are attacked by Nazgul(Ringwraiths) and the Chief of the Nazgul stabs Frodo in the shoulder with an accursed knife. With part of the blade still stuck in the wound. Aragorn is able to fight off the ring wraiths, but warns Frodo that if the blade remains stuck in his wound he will become a ring wraith himself. As the travellers near their destination they Glorfindel, an elf lord who helps them reach the Bruinen River, but the Nazgul attack the travellers at the ford and they try to take Frodo, but the Elf lord Elrond washes them away with a giant wave.

Rupart Ruther Rudners Review of the situation.

What I like: One thing I really like about this book over The Hobbit is that there's only 3 or 4 main characters rather than like 15 characters. I also like how most of the more boring parts (like them "Breakfasting") is usually followed by them being attacked by Ring Wraiths or trying to sneak past some other monster. They also don't have eagles fixing all their problems. Which some people may not like, but I think the book would be quite boring if it were just, And The eagles picked them up and the ring was destroyed, THE END.

Two things I didn't like were the fact that it has a bit of a slow start, the first two or so chapters were just talking and walking around the hobbit town, although this is fine in my opinion. More importantly(For some people) the story uses a lot of old English words that a lot of people might not understand, my personal favorite is "Breakfasted" and I think they used "Brunch" as a verb at one point. My main "Gripe" is, though the Hobbits travel across a huge land, I doesn't feel to me like you were watching them go on some epic adventure. I don't know why I feel this, but I think its because, the Hobbits tend to stop at a lot of populated areas. Which makes it feel like they're just walking between two towns rather than across a mystical land full of dragons and trolls. Maybe I'm just crazy ,but I just don't feel the sense of adventure. Also... I feel the parts where they eat meals were just kind of unnecessary.

The Who

Frodo Baggins: The main character, Mr. Baggins (Adopted Son of Bilbo Baggins) is the current holder of the One Ring and the one destined to destroy it in the fires of Mount Doom(Bet you cant tell its an evil mountain right?).

Sam Gamgee: Mr.Baggin's best friend and gardener. He has come along on Mr.Baggins adventure... to see elves, which happens rather early. As well as helping Frodo throw a ring into a volcano. Which is surprisingly harder than it sounds.

Pippin: Mr. Baggins other friend, he decided to come you along on this trip for reasons I can not remember, although one reason he came was to sample the "Best Beer On Earth." He came on a dangerous adventure full of monsters and evil... to have some beer.

Gandalf: The all powerful wizard Gandalf The Grey accompanies the Hobbits on their adventure to give them guidance and protect them on the journey he made them go on . Unfortunately Gandalf has a habit of disappearing with no explanation. Especially when you are being hunted by ring wraiths or just starting your adventure.

The Ring Wraiths: The Rings wraiths or the "Nazgul" are the "Nine mortal men doomed to die" who were corrupted by the magic rings of power and now (Ironically) can not die by any normal means. They now hunt the owner of the One Ring.

"The Conflict"

Frodo Baggins has received the One Ring from his father Bilbo Baggins. The One Ring is the ultimate source of power and magic in Middle Earth, but the ring is sought by all evil the land, who wish to use it for...well...evil. So Frodo,Sam, and Pippin, have to journey across the land to throw the ring in the fires of Mount Doom the only thing that can destroy it. Unfortunately the evil creatures of Middle Earth have set out to stop them and recover the ring. One these creatures being the Ring Wraiths, the owners of the other magic rings who were corrupted by their power.