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Scientists plotted over 29,000 reports of roadkill to identify the most had to hazardous roadways for California's wildlife.

Northern California's car clog freeways run through thousands of acres of protected wetlands created a ring of death were animals getting killed.In San Francisco according to an ongoing study scientist at the University of California Davis have plotted some 29,000 reports of roadkill to identify the Most Hazardous roads in the world for the state. Wildlife volunteers support collected research the past five years and covered more than 1000 freeways. The studies could save the life for both drivers and animals.

Tracking roadside car cases may sound odd or strange. The trackings can reduce the drivers and wildlife. Scientists said for instance the study found many hot spots for animals repeatedly getting hit and killed by cars. They are trying to save the life's for larger and smaller animals in California. The transportation department is trying to find ways to get rid of these hot spots and find better ways to keep the roads safe for both the animals and humans.

To conclude roads in California are getting safer for living things everyday. The modern day technology is what is getting things safer. Also car company's are making auto-stopping cars that when they detect something they will stop.

Which is Harder

Which is Harder

The big discussion in cheerleading is, what is harder high school cheer or competition cheer. Obviously competition cheerleaders compete against other squads for various titles. However, high school cheerleaders may not be competing for a title but they are definitely competing with each other and the other team. Many cheerleaders participate in both high school and competition cheer. The real question is, which level of cheerleading is more difficult?

After interviewing four dedicated cheerleaders, one from competition, another on from competitions and rec cheer, and the other two girls from rec cheer. The best way to find out the answer to this question is to go straight to the sources. Cheerleaders have no problem voicing their opinion. I asked them the same four questions and some answered the same and some answered differently.

When I recently interviewed the four girls I asked them “ Which is more competitive High school cheer or competition cheer?” All four of the girls agreed that competition is more competitive. Then I asked them, why? They answered with, “because you're competing against other great teams, or you have to put more time and effort into it.” I asked the girls three more questions and they had the same answers. The one question that made the girls stop and think was, ” Which do you think is more dangerous?”

Competition cheer is as dangerous as high school cheer. But one is more dangerous than the other. All four girls choice that high school cheer is more dangerous than competition and their reasons were competition you are on a springed/patted mat. For high school you do it on the ground or turf. So asking the four girls one more time at the end of the interview i asked the girls again. “

After speaking with these hard-working and knowledgeable cheerleaders, the answer is evident. Competition Cheer is more difficult than High School Cheer. The interviewees backed up their statements with evidence and proof. People go to High school games to see the football games, but competition is all about the cheerleaders. You would be surprised how much hard work it takes to win these competitions.
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Dog Flu

Dog Flu - Outbreak

In the Asia there is a new strain of flu. Doctors haven't found a name for the flu yet.

First, In Asia they brought a dog to the vet, the owners thought it was just a normal cold and the dog would get over it within couple days. The doctor said ''it's not just a cold, It's the flu, there is medicine for it but it will take up to 5-7 days for the medication to do its job and if the owners didn't go to the vet sooner the doctor said the dog could have died possibly.

When it started going around and it went on the news, they said it could spread from dogs to cats but the only way it would spread to animal to animal is if it made contact meaning nose and coughing. Vets said it's not able to go from dog to human and if it was they said it would have to to make contact within the first day the animal gets sick.

On the other hand, I think its just upsetting on how now our own pets are getting sick because all the new viruses come from Asia

And Africa because the people bring it to the U.S and then it ends up being out problem and then the doctors have to find a medicine to get rid of it.

In conclusion, when your animal is sick and if you see your animal is not acting like themselves make sure you get your pet to the vet right away.


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