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Week 13, November 16th - 20th

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Do You Have an Attitude of Gratitude?

As I sit here on this beautiful Sunday morning and reflect on our last few months of school- I find it hard to believe that we are so close to saying good-bye to 2015. We have accomplished so much in such in short time as we have --

  • Aligned many of our practices to build out a World Leadership Development Model such as Daily5/Daily3, our behavior management systems, data notebooks, and our 7 Habits;
  • Decreased our discipline referrals as the result of building strong, positive relationships with students and families;
  • Completed the paperwork and finalizing contract to become the first Leader in Me School in FBISD;
  • Winning the first, ever Sugar Shindig with Fort Bend ISD Education Foundation;
  • Witnessed creative classroom observations where students are motivated and engaged in their learning;
  • Developed a school environment with flexible learning areas so that learning is happening all over the building;
  • Had a visit from FOX26 News who covered our wonderful QV Gents Program;
  • QV Gents and now QV Gems
  • Students being inducted into the National Honor Society;
  • Secured a motivated, passionate, and dedicated team of teachers and staff members who are finding innovative solutions to address the learning needs on our great campus.

With all of these accomplishments, I think it’s appropriate that Thanksgiving is celebrated a month prior to closing out the year. It gives us time to reflect on all the amazing things happening not only in our professional lives, but in our personal lives as well. Having an attitude of gratitude does not come easy, as many of us are wired to concentrate on all the things that are going wrong.

Over the last few years, I’ve learned “how” to have a heart of gratitude. That means –when I find myself drifting into a world of doom and gloom where it feels like nothing is right, I immediately shift my thoughts back to all the things that I am grateful for—such as my wonderful husband who supports and loves me even when I don’t feel I deserve it; my three beautiful girls, who have managed to make me proud by making such wonderful contributions to their community; and of course having the opportunity to lead this wonderful school and working with you each day to influence the world of education in positive and unique ways. I must be honest, having an attitude of gratitude is not always easy, I too fall back into a default mode of pity parties and blame.

I want to share with you a few of the exercises that have helped me reframe and refocus so that I continue to move towards my purpose while exercising passion!

#1: Reflect Daily. Write down all the things you’re grateful for and review them each day adding to it along the way. Be mindful of the small things such as compliments on your attire; having a student repeat or use a strategy you taught; or a simple thank you from a team member or parent for your service.

#2: Thank people often. I’ve learned that what you put into the world usually comes back to you. If you want to be appreciated, appreciate others. Be sure to let others know how much you appreciate them. Sometimes we take people for granted. Write a thank you to the person who does your laminating or to our great custodial staff who keeps our building clean and safe.

#3: It’s not about you! Whenever you find yourself whining to yourself or others- take a deep breath and tell yourself “It’s not about me!” Once you realize this secret, you will have the ability to move beyond your ego self and into a new world of great possibilities.

#4: Read something inspirational daily. Something as simple as a quote can take you to a higher place and release you from negative thoughts. You may find comfort and reading a nice note you received from a staff member, parent, or student or a book that has brought you a little peace and joy!

#5: Learn from every opportunity. Embrace challenges to find those small opportunities that will push you towards your purpose. We are confronted with problems each day that are also tasks that will help us become stronger and more knowledgeable when approached with a positive outlook. Remember- those small opportunities can lead to great success!

We are fortunate to work in a learning community that embraces our unique strengths and talents. This week as we prepare for our Thanksgiving Holiday- let’s have a heart of gratitude and share it with our students, families, and staff members.

With something to think about. This is Principal Spears. Make it a great week or not. The choice is yours.

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Our Hearts and Thoughts are in Paris!

The horrible events that took place in Paris over the weekend may leave us feeling sad and confused as we try to understand what would make anyone want to take the life (lives) of another. I'm sure many of our students will have questions when they return and as we find the words and way to respond - I found a quote over the weekend by Mr. Rodgers who shared a personal story in which he tells how his mother helped him to reframe when there were scary stories on television or in the news.

He says that...

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
Fred Rogers

So as students return tomorrow with questions about these events - please help them by focusing on the good that people are doing. You may also want to ask them for ideas on how they can help make our world a safer place. Empowering our students to understand the power and influence they have to make our school and community safer will help them learn to practice the art of reframing!

Please let us know if you need assistance with this or any other matters that you may find difficult to discuss.

We appreciate you!
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Eagles- You're INVITED!!

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Dialogue Circle/Community Meetings

Team- last week Ms. Jones and I had the opportunity to sit and experience a Dialogue Circle in one of our QVE classrooms. This was a wonderful opportunity that allowed us to see what takes place when we focus on building strong, positive relationships with students. This teacher - had each student share (on a scaled of 1- 5, five means feeling great) how they felt and why. One of the male students was almost in tears as he shared how sad he was that he father had to go out of town again for business.

Our team realize how much these community meetings (dialogue circles) mean to students as a way to check in with them prior to beginning the instructional day. This is why community meetings are embedded in your schedule during our health block- as a way for you to stop and check in with your students.

These gathering are not optional as it is stated in our staff handbook on page 33 (please review). During this time - students should not be at their desks but gathered in a circle on the floor.

This week after morning announcements - our team will be visiting classrooms to observe community meetings. Each time we observe a community meeting happening on your grade level/department - your team will receive a ticket worth 25 points which will be displayed in your grade level hallway.

Remember- team points will be totaled our last week of school in December and the winning team will earn a 2-hour lunch off campus paid for by Ms. Spears.

If you didn't see it last week, take a look at the video below.
Using Dialogue Circles to Support Classroom Management

What's Up at QVE this Week?

** November is ELA team's time to plan for QVE Lounge Upkeep and Team Potluck

Monday, November 16th - Friday, November 20th Anti-Bullying Week--Rescheduled

Tuesday, PLC K-2

Wednesday, November 18th Committee Meetings

Thursday, November 19th NEHS induction ceremony 6:30pm at Marshall High School

Friday, November 20th

  • Synergize Celebration
  • ELA Team Potluck
  • Purchase tickets for Holiday Party
  • Ugly Shoe Drive ends

Thanksgiving Break November 23rd - 27th 2015
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QVE's Ugly Shoe Drive a Pretty Success!

Check out our Ugly Shoe Drive! So many amazing Eagles supporting a great cause, and helping out their fellow FBISD students in needJ.

Please share that the QVE Ugly Shoe Drive will continue through next Friday, November 20th.

Nurse Kerri

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American Education Week

This week is American Education Week and it’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate public education and honor individuals who are making a difference in ensuring that every child receives a quality education!

Grade Level Teams will be celebrating our wonderful support staff – showing them how much their contributions mean to our student’s success! You may celebrate them in any way you wish as long as you take a picture and forward to me!

Please plan to celebrate on the date designated to your team below. Here are your assignments:

PreK/Kindergarten/1st Grades -- Monday, November 16th – Custodial Staff Day (Team Captain: Ms. Holly)

2nd Grade – Tuesday, November 17th-- Paraprofessional Day (Team Captain: Ms. Singh)

Math Team - Wednesday, November 18th - Bus Driver Day (Team Captain: Ms. DiCarlo)

ELA Team – Thursday, November 19th -- Cafeteria Staff Day (Team Captain: Ms. Campbell)

Sped/Enrichment/Curriculum/Admin -- Friday, November 20th – Office Staff Day (Team Captain: Ms. Briggs)

For a list of names of team members you will be celebrating – please see me or Ms. McKinnon for help.

You guys make QVE the place to be!!!

Attendance Counts!

Each year, absences spike in the weeks before and after the Thanksgiving and Holiday breaks. Throughout the next few weeks, the district will use our various tools to communicate the importance of being in school every day possible. Please help us spread the word about the importance of attendance at QVE.

Additional resources for your campus may be found at:


Teacher of the Year 2015-16

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It's That Time of Year!

Before we talk about our Teacher of the Year Selection Process for 2015-2016, I want to recognize Mrs. Portugal for doing a wonderful job representing our campus as our 2014-2015 TOY. She has been a direct reflection of what we want to see in all of our Teacher-Leaders on campus as she is positive, always helpful, creative, innovative, and supports our school vision of student leadership not only in her words but in all her actions. Thank you Mrs. Portugal for setting high expectations for our students and staff by being a model for our school, our district, and ultimately the world!

This week Mr. Strutton will call on a few people to be a part of the 2015-2016 TOY Selection Committee. In order to be nominated for TOY, you must meet the following district and campus criteria:

A teacher whose name appears on the 2016 Voting Ballot may not have been selected as a FBISD Campus Teacher of the Year within the past five (5) years, may not be on a growth plan, must be a licensed teacher, and must have taught (completed) a minimum of three (3) current and consecutive years (doesn’t have to be consecutive years at FBISD, but must have completed three consecutive years teaching). Librarians are eligible if they teach students.

QVE Criteria:
A teacher whose name appears on the 2016 Voting Ballot must also have the following campus attributes:
  • Made contributions to our school outside of the classroom environment.
  • Models behaviors we wish to see in all teachers/staff at QVE.
  • Embraces our leadership model and has shown leadership in our school.
  • Embraces our leadership model and provides ways for students to demonstrate leadership.
  • Demonstrate a passion and love for teaching.
  • Have a positive attitude towards work and life!

Mr. Strutton will be placing ballots with names of individuals who meet these requirements and will place them in your boxes. Our 2015-2016 TOY will be announced this Friday, November 20th!

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Here's what's happening in the Counselor's Corner!!

  • GT testing is complete - thank you for being flexible when I came to get your students. As parents turn in their rating scales, please continue to turn them into me.

  • Anti-Bullying Week has been canceled this week and will be rescheduled for February!

  • You're invited!!! QVE is starting their very own chapter of National Elementary Honor Society! (One of the first in FBISD!!) The NEHS induction ceremony is Thursday, November 19th at 6:30pm at Marshall High School Auditorium. Come support our outstanding 4th and 5th grade members!!

That's it for now!

Thank you!!

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As we get closer to the holiday break, students are going to be more restless. It is very important not to relax and hold tight to our campus wide expectations.

School-Wide Discipline/Reinforcing Habits:

As a campus we have been working hard to lower the number of office referrals, but we have had 20 office referrals so far this month. That is more than we had in September or October this year. The only way can effectively keep these numbers low is by providing students with engaging learning opportunities and reinforcing QVE's expectations. Reinforce, Rehearse, and Reteach!!!

Attendance Counts:

While we saw a decrease in the total number of absences in October from September, we still are averaging 61 student absences a month. The only way students can learn is if they are in school. Make sure you are contacting parents after 2 consecutive absences, on 3 days non-consecutively, and after 5 tardies. Let's work together to get our kids in school!

Data Walls:

Make sure that you are taking the time when in the hallways to have your classes review the discipline, reading, and attendance data bulletin boards. Make sure that they understand the goal and discuss which grade is making the biggest improvement month to month. When our students start to own the data and hold each other responsible we will start to see the greatest improvements.

Let your classes know that when we come back from Thanksgiving break we will start to have attendance and behavior competitions.

Looking forward to a wonderful week!
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QVE Holiday Party Update from Ms. Lopez

Click to view the evite http://evite.me/6Kz7g1CUFj for the QVE Holiday Party.

Please buy your tickets no later than November 20th so we will have an idea of how many people to expect. All Employees are invited (plus spouse). Ticket purchases may be made through Ms. Rodriguez.

*There will be no white elephant gift

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Leader In Me Fundrasier


I am excited to announce that our Leader in Me contract is currently being reviewed by our District's Legal team and we should be hearing something shortly!

In the meantime- it's time to start earning money!! All Staff should go the the www.quailvalley.fbisdrewards.com site and create a personal account using the activation code:

Your Team Captains and Co-Captains are:

Kindergarten – Team Captain: Kirsten Wong (Co-Captain: Yvette Scott/Enrichment Team)

1st Grade – Team Captain: Blanca Tamez (Co-Captain: Morgane Rodiek/Sped Team)

2nd Grade – Team Captain: Rebecca Moragne (Co-Captains: Ms. Brown/Café and Mr. Garcia/Custodial)

3rd Grade – Team Captain: Patience Edwards (Co-Captains: Ms. Goodley/PTO)

4th Grade – Team Captain: Katherine DiCarlo (Co-Captain: Ms. Portugal/Curriculum Team)

5th Grade – Team Captain: Brittany Bathe (Co-Captain: Ms. McKinnon/Office/Admin Team)

They will provide you with more information as we work through this process!

Good Luck!

Our QVE Rewards Commericial by Mr. Zelaya!

Quail Valley Rewards
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Giving Thanks!


As we prepare for Thanksgiving Break- we have set up a Thanksgiving Station in the lounge for you to share what you're thankful for! Please take a few moments and write it down on a sticky note and place it on our Thanksgiving Wall!

We appreciate you!
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A Picture Says A Thousand Words


Each of you have designated areas to hang pictures that demonstrate your QV Pride in your hallways! Please clip pictures of important events on the clothespin in your designated areas!!

The team to complete this task first will receive gift cards to a local restaurant! Once completed you must send an email to me with the following message: [Grade Level/Department Name] is QVE PROUD!!

Good Luck!!
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Are you QVE Proud? Tell Me Why!

Mr. Mouton:

Speaking of QVE proud I wanted to share a few things that I have observed this week. This week 3rd grade took learning walks and it was great! I couldn't stop talking about ALL of the amazing things I witnessed in Mr. Martinez's math class. The students were all engaged and excited about learing. Not only that but there was so much leadership within his students. Great job Mr. Martinez!!!! The next is the Junior Achievement students that came in today. The experience was great! The two students came in and their lesson was very aligned to the TEKS that we are scheduled to teach in April. Now my students have a heads up and did a wonderful job! Thanks Mrs. Rodriguez for allowing our students the opporitunity to see what leadership looks like from older students!!! I AM QVE PROUD!!!! Feel free to share why your'e QVE PROUD!!!

Cleveland Mouton III, M.ED

Ms. Jones

That's awesome, Mr. Mouton. I am glad that you had such a great week. There are lots of good things going on at the school that me QVE Proud as well. For one, Math PLC was on it. It is always good to see a team collaborating and sharing in dialogue about student learning. Second, it's an amazing feeling to see the staff coming together to work tirelessly on a common goal--Leadership. I was impressed by the response of the team coming together to create the commercial for our first Leader In Me fundraiser. Teamwork Makes the dream work! The positivity in the atmosphere is so inspiring. Also, after participating in a community meeting (dialogue circle) with Mr. Mouton's home room, it was really eye opening how much we learn from one another and how much our students really have to say. It was such a wonderful way to start the day and to give the students an opportunity to share and build community within the classroom. Thanks, Mr. Mouton, for allowing us to join in. These are just a few reasons why I am QVE Proud!!!!


Ms. Rodriguez

Thank you for sharing Mr. Mouton!!! I too am QVE proud!!! Proud of the new clubs forming for all students, proud of all the teachers helping and making them happen - our students will continue to benefit from these! I am also so proud to be becoming a Leader In Me school and so proud of all the commitment and dedication everyone is showing towards this!

And one more - I am proud of the leadership teachers are showing with morning announcements! It is such a pleasure and really starts my day off on a positive note helping with morning announcements!! You have really made it fun for me! Thank you!

I am QVE PROUD!!!!!!

Ms. Portugal

I absolutely LOVE this idea! I am QVE PROUD for so many reasons! Where do I begin?!

I am so proud of the fact that we will be the first school in FBISD to be a LIM school! We have all worked so hard to get the ball rolling with the 7 habits and we have all embraced it and love it. The testimonies that staff shared at the PTO meeting were so inspiring and positive. Thanks to each and every one of you!

I am so proud of all of our grants in action! Walking through the halls of QVE makes me happy! The flexible learning areas, the habits banners, the outdoor garden.... And on & on! So proud of our staff for winning grants! I can't wait to see what we win this school year!!

The fact that QVE won the Sugar Shindig is amazing!! All I did was make silly announcements each morning... But the QVE staff and Leadership team made it happen! What a moment!!

The Gents, winning the Texans challenge, the great response to the food drive, the literacy night sessions, our team cooking together, the safety patrol, student council, PLC's, NEHS!!!! We have so much to be proud of!

I am truly honored to work with such exceptional teachers and leadership! Not only as a teacher, but even from the perspective of a parent & Aunt---- QVE is the place to be!!

Thank you all for all you do for our students!!

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