U.S. Southeast Region

By: Hallie, Devin, Nathaniel, Cadence

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There is a lot of water the through the land.There is mountains and hills in the southeast.

The Upper Southeast

West virginia,Tennessee,virginia,kentuky and North carolina are the states in the upper Southeast.The dog wood flower is a flower in the Southeast.

Waters in the region

many waterways flow through the flat land of the Everglades.The Everglades is the olny place in the world where aligators and crocodiles live.
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Landmarks And Places I'd Like To Visit

Amicalola falls,Mammoth cave,Everglades and River Delta are the landmarks in the Southeast.I'd like to go to Tennessee.
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The population in the southeast is 109,083,752 people.


The climate in the Southeast is lots of storms and tornados.
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Natural Resources

The two main recorses are oil and gold.

Plants, Animals, and Birds

The Brown Thrasher and the Bob White Quail and the Live Oak are in Georgia. The Cardinal and the Goldenrod are in Kentuky.The Yellow Hammer, Red Hilled Salamander and Red Bellied Turtle are in Alabama.The Wood Duck, Blossoms and the Northern Mocking Bird are in Mississippi.The Brown Pelican, American Aligator and the Copper Head Snake are in Lourisiana. The Passion Flower, Cave Salamander, and Eastern Box Turtle are found in Tennessee.

Interesting Facts

The southeast is also called Dixi.Mount Mitchell is the tallest mountain in the southeast.The southeast is home to more than 1,000 wild boars.

The lower Southeast

Alabama,mississippi,louisana,Flordia,south coralina and Georgia are the states in the southeast.