Coaches' Corner


Our Vision of Coaching

We serve teachers, students, administrators and the community to empower them to take learning risks. Focusing on students and their learning is the best way to empower others to take risks. This is hard work and it takes a lot of effort. Student learning is worth it.

Guiding Principles

No matter what we do, we hold ourselves responsible to these guiding principles:

  1. Put kids first: they are the reason we are here, to help them learn.
  2. Listen: We listen more than we talk. Learn about the other person/people.
  3. Ask Questions: Seek first to understand by asking questions.
  4. Collaborate: Work with others, learn about and bring in a different perspective.
  5. Act: If something should be done, do it or help do it.
  6. Be Positive: Look for the good in what is happening, presume positive intent.

Student Centered Coaching Defined

Student centered coaching is....

  • an opportunity for us to work in a partnership.
  • guided by learning targets based on the standards.
  • deciding instructional strategies based on student evidence.

Student centered coaching is not...

  • an evaluation.
  • us telling you what to do.
  • a "fix the teacher" mentality.

How does this work?

Student Centered Coaching includes COACHING CYCLES! The following video is an introduction for you:

Whooo's in???