Free Community College

Pros & cons

The idea is brought to the table...

With everything out aside... Community college for free sounds like a fantastic way to promote continuing education. With the gap increasing on high school dropouts or GED grads. By making higher education free it would be a dream attained by more people. We want educated people running the country. Here are the issues... "Free" doesn't always mean free. Where would that money come from? Taxpayers. The plan itself is unstable and build with a shaky foundation. Maintaining a 2.5 GPA for free education merely seems ridiculous, those are straight C's. Besides that it would like hanging out welfare to everyone. We all know the kind of fantastic results the growth of welfare has had on our country (sarcasm).

Foundations of Obama's plan

What's at stake here???

One last statement...

Free community college would bring thousands of students the opportunity to attend school. To achieve their dreams without going bankrupt. But there are already thousands or maybe millions of dollars out there in scholarships, federal pull grants, and special programs universities offer their students. So is it really necessary?