It's Story Time!

Want to spend more time with your child? Read regularly together.
*You may aim for 20 minutes at bedtime is a peaceful end to the day as well as bringing families closer together.
*Bring a book to read during a sibling's sport practice.
*Or curl up together when you get home from work and school.

Take turns choosing books
*Your child may want to revisit an old book again and again.
*Use your turn to pick new titles.

STATE TESTING ~ March 23 - April 3


State testing begins March 23- April 3 for all students in grades 3-5.
Please make sure your child:
** Gets enough rest (8-10 hours of sleep)
** Eat a healthy breakfast
** Comes to school every day and on time during testing days

If you have any questions about PARCC you can call the school or visit the PARCC website at