Florida Adventure

Emma Kessler 13


9:30 Fort Lauderdale Beach to experience Florida's natural beauty

12:30 Authentic Italian cuisine at Aurturo's restaurant in South Florida

5:30 Latin Dance Class in Ft Lauderdale to learn about the culture's fun and unique dance moves

7:30 Dinner at Meza Mediterranean Grill that has delicious Greek food and an exciting cultural experience


Monday, Aug. 26th, 10:45am

This is an online event.

10:45 Greek festival at St. Sofia Church with festive dancing and cultural food

12:48 Take baking class at Italian Bakery to make authentic italian pastries

1:50 South Beach in Miami to go on a fun parasailing ride

8:45 Dinner at Tasso's Greek Taverna to enjoy greek food

day 3 St Augustine

11:45 Fort Matanza, St. Augustine's famous fort to see the historic monument of the Spanish.

3:23 Fountain of Youth to see Florida's interesting history and culture

3:56 Ghost tour to make history come alive and learn more about the city in Florida

day 4 Everglades

9:13 Tour Everglades National Park

12:30 Have Picnic at Everglades national Park

3:23 Go on airboat adventure to see alligators and Florida's natural plant and animal life

Day 5 Palm Beach

Thursday, May 30th, 9pm

1 Whitehall Way

Palm Beach, FL

10:50 tour Flagler museum

12:30 go to beach to snorkel and see Florida's Natural Beauty and sea life

3:30 go to sprinkles to enjoy ice cream

6:30 Palm Beach Grill for dinner