Bear Notes-Wk 36 May 16 - 20

Serving kids. Growing scholars.

Note from the principal...


This week our topic from the Dimensions Guide focuses on Literacy Focus has only two indicators Explicit and Purposeful.

Literacy Focus (primarily for Grades PK-1)

What is it?

Effective literacy focus occurs when teachers clearly and intentionally help children understand literacy related concepts of written and spoken language. During effective literacy instruction a teachers deliver well-planned and sequenced literacy activities that engage children in the code unit (letter, words, phonemes) of oral and written language. Teachers purposefully link the code-based activities to the broader purpose of written or spoken communication and explicitly focus children's interest on the elements of the code (letters, sounds, etc.) and clearly state the purpose of the activity.

This dimension also aligns to TEI Domain 2 Instruction an Delivery

Why is it important?

Children who start kindergarten with basic early literacy skills, such as knowing some letters and sounds being able to listen for parts or words, make a more successful transition to the kindergarten classroom. Preschool teachers can help children develop these skills through the provision of frequent, well-planned literacy activities that get children interested in and excited about learning to crack the literacy code.

How can I best focus on literacy in may classroom?

Be on the lookout for print and encourage children to look with you. - Print is all around your classroom. Point our or ask children to find words, letters, and numbers in your classroom or building. For example, as children are waiting to wash their hands, help them look for places around the sink where they can find the letter that starts their name.

Use print in purposeful and meaningful ways with children. - Help children to learn that print and being able to read and write can help them in their everyday lives. For example, when taking children to the restroom, point to the word "girls" on the door and say, "The word on this door says, "girls". These letters tell us this is the bathroom for "girls".

Get students interested and excited about letters, words, and sounds. - Play games with letters and words. Ask children to think of words that rhyme with one another, reminding them that silly words are okay too. Play word games like the Name Game (also know as "the Banana Song.") or 'Willaby Wallaby Woo.".

Use literacy-related terms to focus children's attention on literacy concepts. - Use words that explicitly identity literacy concepts (like word, rhyme, sound, and letter) to focus children's attention on the literacy concepts you want them to learn, For examples when opening a box of markers say, "Listen to the sound at the beginning of this word "marker". Can you tell me the beginning sound? /m/ is the first sound in the "marker". The letter "m" make the /m/ sound."


Wow! Can you believe we only have 13 more days with our scholars? As I was reading (ahead) in my Jesus Calling by Sarah Young I read " You can make plans...But you need to hold those plans tentatively... The most important thing to determine is what to do right now. I thought that was so timely. As we begin to let go of this school year and look ahead to next year it is very easy for us to lose our focus and intentionality. It's like we have one foot in this school year and one foot in next school year. Now don't get me wrong I am not saying we shouldn't plan, of course we should. Making plans, setting goals, and having a vision for our life are things we should continue to do. I simply want us to focus on the importance of the here and now as well and, remembering that the actions we take today effect our plans, goals and visions. Let's don't let these last few days get away from us. Let's continue to buckle down and stay focused. Let's continue to show up for the scholars in the ways that will ensure their success. No matter who said it we have to know and believe that effective instruction is what makes the most difference in the educational lives of our scholars. And lastly, let's make some memories.

Have an excellent week!


Summer Professional Development


Friday, May 6th the summer PD catalog opened. Please check your email for the forms you will need to submit. Both forms are Friday, May 27th.

On the form titled


You will see the campus priorities. Please align your summer learning opportunities to these priorities. Even though you may not have your summative score you may still sign up for classes. In rare cases there may need to be minor adjustments made to your choices. Please be reminded that there is a 3.5 hour required course that all teachers must sign up for: Domain 1 - Rigor Through the Lens of the TEKS. Since all teachers are required to take the course you might want to sign up for it on Friday to beat the rush.



This week Mr. Tovar and I will be completing all TEI Summatives. You will receive notice via email once your summative is complete. In the days to follow you will receive a time for your summative conference. Conferences will be scheduled for 15-minutes. This time is your opportunity to bring artifacts and/or evidence that you would like to present. Please note this is the opportunity for the teacher to talk and the evaluator to listen.

SLO's and Peer Observations


It's about that time to start thinking SLO's and Peer Observations! You don't want to wait until the last minute.

Deadline for 2nd Semester Peer Observations -

Friday, May 20th

Deadline for SLO Completion -

Wednesday, May 13th (Revised date)

Deadline for Scoring SLO -

Thursday, May 19th

EOY Awards Ceremonies...

Friday, May 27th

9:00 - Grade 5

12:30 - Grade 1

Tuesday, May 31st

9:00 - Grade 4

12:30 - Grade 3

Wednesday, June 1st

9:00 - Kinder

12:30 - Grade 2

Thursday, June 2nd

9:00 - PK

Please get with Ms. Jones by Friday, May 20th to ensure you have the medals and/or certificates you need.

Please use the calendar posted on the auditorium door to sign up for rehearsal times.

Dress Code Reminder...


As we finish out the last few days of school I am asking that everyone please be mindful of the Dallas ISD dress code policies. Please be reminded of a few things... sneakers are approved footwear only on designated days, flip flop are not permitted, t-shirts (including Brashear shirts) must be worn under a jacket or sweater unless on Fridays. Team, let's continue to be models for our scholars in how we present ourselves.

Climate Survey


The Climate Survey window is open. You should have received a link in your email. Now, if you are like me and Mr. Tovar you might need to check your "Clutter" file, that's where we found our link.

Deadline to complete the survey is this Friday, May 20th.

Administrative PLC's on hold until further notice!

Administrative PLC have been a vital part of our success this school year. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to those who help make them possible.

ACP Testing Schedule

Wednesday, May 18th - Math Grades K-2 and 5

Thursday, May 19th - Reading Grades K-2 and 5

Friday, May 20th - Specials Grades 3-5

Monday, May 23rd - Social Studies Grades 3-5

Tuesday, May 24th - Science Grades 3 and 4

Wednesday, May 25th - Language Arts Grades 3-5

Thursday, May 26th - Makeups

Upcoming Events

May 10th - 25th - TEI roster verification window open in MyDataPortal

Mon., May 16th - Staff Meeting - 3:45 - 4:30 (Cafeteria)

May 18th - May 25th - ACP window

Wed., May 18th - Student Perception Survey results available in SchoolNet for teachers in grades 3-5

Wed., May 18th - District Principal's Meeting 12:00 - 5:00

Fri., May 26th - ACP Make-ups

Fri., May 20th - Peer Observations Due

May 23rd - Jun 3rd - TEI Rebuttal window

Fri, May 27th - Summer Learning Forms Due COB

Fri., May 27th - Blackout date

Mon., May 30th - Memorial Day - No School

Tue., May 31st - Blackout date

Wed., Jun. 1st - Field Day - 3-5 8:30 - 11:30

Thu., Jun. 2nd - Field Day - K-2 8:30 - 11:30

Thu., Jun. 2nd - Last day for Scholars

Thu., Jun. 2nd - Last day to conduct Summative Conferences/ and Spot Observations

Fri., Jun. 3rd - Last day for Teachers

Jacquelyn Burden - Principal

Affirmation of the Week - My faith is steadfast.

Quote of the Week - "Unease, anxiety, tension, stress and worry - all forms of fear and caused by too much future and not enough presence. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness and all forms of non-forgiveness are caused by too much past and not enough presence. "

Eckhart Tolle